Starlight Girls

Final B.E.A.F evening with Lucius, Snowmine, ARMS, Starlight Girls + New Myths at Cameo

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The musical menu for The Deli's 4th NYC B.E.A.F. (Best of Emerging Artists Fest) is right in front of you - I know, the font is a little small there (too many bands!!!) check out the details here, you'll find all the bands links under the poster).

This festival is linked to our latest year end Best of NYC Emerging Artists Poll, a contest influenced by many NYC scene makers, bloggers and venue promoters, and to our Spring 2012 "Best of NYC" printed issue of The Deli, which highlights all the bands in the "Best of 2012" list.

Today is the last day of the fest, with our flagship show at Cameo, check out this outrageous lineup:

CAMEO - $8/10

10:50 Lucius
10:00 Snowmine
9:10 Arms
8:20 Starlight Girls
7:30 New Myths

The Deli's Staff


Starlight Girls release EP and music video + play Cake Shop on 04.14

Starlight Girls (Deli Band of the Month in early 2011 and #19 in our Best of NYC Emerging Artist 2011 poll) intrigued us last year with the beautifully retro-pop gem Gossip, but they managed to take things to a new, exciting level in this stunning video of "Flutterby", a chamber pop mid tempo tune echoing still those beloved retro-loungey atmospheres, but in classier and sexier ways. One of the best video/song combo we sa this year. The band just released their debut EP (download it for free on bandcamp), and see them at Cake Shop on April 14.


Weekly Feature: Starlight Girls

Starlight Girls create devilishly charming ‘60s-influenced pop music that can make your day. After being our NYC Artist of the month back in 2011, they just qualified for our year end poll in the Indie Pop category! From the swaggering, perky organ-like synths to the candy-coated hooks, “Gossip” is a testament of pop perfection that doesn’t need to rely on the rumor mill to grab people’s attention. - Read Nancy Chow's Q&A with the band here.


Zula, St. Lucia, Starlight Girls and DEIDRE play first Prefix show for emerging NYC bands at Cameo on 12.02

Prefix Mag apparently is about to join The Deli in the effort to highlight emerging NYC artists through a series of free shows at Cameo co-presented by Golden Ratio Presents. The first show will be at Cameo on December 2, featuring 3 artists we are familiar with and a group we haven't covered yet: St.Lucia is a one man band by the way of South Africa who offers dancey electro with world and chill components - yes, "chill" is officially a musical genre people, so was decided by us. You can definitely hear some Africa in these tracks, and some reggae as well. Also on the bill Zula, which we did blog about a couple of times and have a new EP of remixes which rings awesome to our ears. What's this, a gentler version of Soul Coughing with Elvis Costello influences or something? Fun! Check out the song streaming below, it's worth a listen. Also on the bill 60 pop revivalists and Deli ex Artist of the Month Starlight Girls (who have a new song for streaming here) and Savoire Adore femme fatale singer/keyboardist DEIDRE (who has a new video here).


Starlight Girls CD pre-release party with Wild Vibes, Hello Phones and Anni Rossi - Glasslands, 07.12

Cute poppy bill on Tuesday 07.12 at Glasslands for the CD pre-release party of recent Deli Artist of the Month Starlight Girls who have a new single available for streaming (check it out under their picture). Wild Vibes is a band we haven't covered yet and we are getting some good... vibes from them actually (not "wild" ones yet, but there's time for that!) These Brooklyn based guys play some kind of lo-fi-electro-dream-surf-pop - so that sounds like the perfect music for Williamsburg based hipsters who are short of money (lo-fi) and like to go to the beach (surf) with their i-phone (electro) and get stoned (dream)... Winning formula! Check out the song "Oedipus Love" at the bottom of this blurb. We covered Anni Rossi several times - she's a wonderfully original violinist, stick around for her show if you are at Glasslands on Tuesday.

Oedipal Love by Wild Vibes