Starlight Girls

Noteworthy bill of locals at Shea on 05/07: Parlor Tricks, Starlight Girls, Not Blood Paint, and A Deer A Horse

Nobody in the music scene likes to be called a "veteran" - it implies loss of youth, in a youth obsessed field - but it's undeniable that bands surviving in the Big Apple for 5+ years are rare and should be honored with a title... what about "Pillars of the NYC Scene"? There will be four of them performing at Shea Stadium this Saturday May 7th:  Parlor Tricks, Starlight Girls, Not Blood Paint, and A Deer A Horse (pictured). Check out their latest releases below.


Starlight Girls release single "La La Lune" - "Fantasm" LP out soon

Sophisticated Brooklyn pop band Starlight Girls is back with a new single - they released quite a few lately in preparation of their upcoming, self produced 'Fantasm' LP. Check out also 'Hero,' which is so delicious we decided to add it to our playlist of Best songs by emerging NYC artists


Starlight Girls unveil new single 'Intrigue' + announce upcoming LP

Bushwick's Starlight Girls gave us some truly memorable retro-pop singles a few years ago (we really enjoyed 'Flutterby' and 'Gossip' among others), and - as recently as last year - Electro-Motown gem 'Fancy.' The band, lead by visionary singer songwriter Christina B, just released new single 'Intrigue' (streaming), which blends the old retro influences with the group's more recent upbeat and electronic developments, to deliver another sophisticated pop gem. Starlight Girls announced a new LP scheduled for an October 13 release.

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


Starlight Girls debut "7x3" video + play Glasslands on 07.02

Starlight Girls recently debuted on Stereogum this video for their new Xiu Xiu produced single '7x3' (streaming below) which showcases a slightly noisier approach to their retro-pop. We are looking forward to a new release from this talented female fronted band that already delighted us with some fun, 60s infused pop gems. Mark your calendars for July 02, when they'll play Glasslands with Zula, Tony Castles, and Ursula Starship. 

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!


Deli CMJ Post-Chestral Stage at The Living Room with Cuddle Magic, Dangerous Ponies, Doe Paoro, You Bred Raptors? + more


It took us a couple of weeks to come up with a title for this Deli official CMJ show. On Wednesday October 17 at The Living Room we'll have a fair amount of orchestral instruments on stage, from You Bred Raptors'? frantic cello to Cuddle Magic's gentle winds and xylophone, without forgetting the sparse piano lines of Doe Paoro and Starlight Girls' retro flute. But even though all these instruments are borrowed from the classical tradition, all the artists on this bill have a forward looking, at times even experimental attitude. This is why in the end we settled with the label "Post-Chestral", which is a term we are happy to notice nobody used before - at least not since Google was invented! This of course implies that we are either geniuses or terrible-new-word creators...

Early that evening we'll have the noir chamber pop of Friend Roulette , In One Wind's orchestrated experimentations, and DT Rotbot intricate post-rock. Later at night we'll be enterteined by the cinematic and atmospheric music of Industries of the Blind followed by cheerful Philadelphia based collective Dangerous Ponies(in the picture, Cuddle Magic and You Bred Raptors).