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Stone Cold Fox plays Rough Trade on 07.15 + talks about pedals on Delicious Audio

Melodic and atmospheric, Brooklyn's Cold Stone Fox boasts a sound that's multifaceted but extremely balanced. Their latest EP 'Tunnel Vision' harmoniously blends psychedelia with some of that melodic, ethereal but somewhat dark rock of the '80s (we hear a little bit of Simple Minds and The Church). The band is scheduled to perform at Rough Trade on July 15.

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Brooklyn's Stone Cold Fox celebrates new EP at Mercury Lounge tomorrow (5/7)

Last week, Brooklyn indie rock quartet Stone Cold Fox released its electric new EP, ‘Tunnel Vision.’ Reportedly recorded over the course of two years yet bursting with urgency, the five-song effort starts its ominous magic with the reverb-backed “Contagion” (streaming below), a track that pleasantly melds The Strokes’ early ruggedness with Tame Impala’s solid psych rock. Middle track “Morning Light,” similarly, radiates with a guitar-based warmth that could be a refreshing antedote to a gray day, recalling the great ELO tracks of the late ‘70s. In short, ‘Tunnel Vision’ illuminates wonderfully strange magic. To celebrate the EP, Stone Cold Fox plays at Mercury Lounge tomorrow (5/7). – Zach Weg


Stone Cold Fox plays Rough Trade on 01.15 + unveils DIY video for "Sold"

Brooklyn's Stone Cold Fox founding members are from various states ranging from the West to the East Coast, but reconvened in Brooklyn to hash out their debut LP 'Memory Palace,' released in the spring of 2014. The band’s tone is reminiscent of a Strokes meets Skaters vibe, although they happen to blend a few more influences into their melting pot including an electro-indie rock energy. They will be playing Rough Trade Thursday 1/15 with Gospels and Lazercake, and for the occasion they released this rather ridicolous DIY video of single "Sold." - Robert Frezza


Weekly Feature: Stone Cold Fox headlines The Deli's CMJ show at Rockwood tomorrow (10.22)

Expanded to a full band for their 2014 album, "Memory Palace," Brooklyn’s Stone Cold Fox deliver a collection of songs that're like the early Strokes in both sonic texture and easygoing vocal phrasing. (Elsewhere, there are hints of Bob Dylan's lyricism and the emotional drama of the Killers.) All of these influences from across the decades are made fresh by the band's intimate keyboard flourishes and succinct sound design.

Stone Cold Fox will be headlining The Deli's CMJ show at Rockwood's Stage 2 tomorrow October 22 at 11pm.
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Stone Cold Fox releases debut LP 'Memory Palace'

Started as a project between friends, Brooklyn rock band Stone Cold Fox has slowly evolved into a fully form band. Kevin Olken and Ariel Loh met at SUNY Purchase and began working together on acoustic compositions, soon after adding guitar, bass and drums to their catchy alt pop tunes. With 'Memory Palace,' their first full-length and latest release, SCF seem to have fully rounded out their style. While most of their lyrics and sounds have a love lost, sentimental aspect, the band keeps things danceable and upbeat for most of the record. The quintet's sound is reminiscent of the even paced style of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, with occasional excursions into electro-pop ('Time's Up'), not so occasional ones into sparser ballads ('Graduation,' 'Memory Place') while flirting with Americana and semi-epic pop overtones. Rather than looking back and being nostalgic, SCF seems to be growing and maturing with each track. Check their website for upcoming shows in NYC and listen to single 'Seventeen' - streaming. - Joe Fish

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