Tall Tall Trees

Tall Tall Trees headlines Roosty Stage at The Deli's NYC B.E.A.F. 2012

May is the month of The Deli's NYC B.E.A.F. - our Best of Emerging Artist Fest! (Check out lat year's poter here).

As usual, we have scheduled several genre related stages in a few different Williamsburg venues (full schedule and art coming soon) and we are glad to inform you that the Rootsy Stage show will be at Spike Hill on Thursday 05.24, and will be headlined by Tall Tall Trees (pictured), and feature other awesome NYC rootsy bands that made our Best of NYC Emerging Artists Year End Poll in January: Food Will Win the War, Big Wilson River, The Bottom Dollars, Reverend John Delore, Fredericks Brown, and The Due Diligence.

We'll also take this opportunity to show you this remarkable DIY video Tall Tall Trees premiered a few weeks ago, filmed entirely in the bands' Bed-Stuy home base and consisting in one long shot conceived and choreographed by the band. The band's entire latest album "Moment" can be streamed here.