TEEN play two shows in NYC in February + prepare to release "Love Yes"

In the NYC scene, TEEN is a force to be reckoned with: these ladies are relentlessly prolific and their material is always interesting. They have a new album on the horizon, entitled "Love Yes," and have released three preview singles from it, which we are streaming below, in order of preference. They are playing Mercury on February 8 and Union Pool on the 14th, so you have no excuses to miss them.


TONIGHT! read The Deli at The Inn with Nicole Atkins, Jared Samuel of Invisible Familiars, Sam Cohen, TEEN

Once a month The Deli sponsors Hypnocraft's lovely shows at the Greenpoint restaurant/piano bar Manhattan Inn - the series goes under the name "At the Inn." This upcoming Monday July 13th, some artists very dear to The Deli will be performing within a night that's a tribute to John Lennon & Harry Nilsson. Not many of you will be aware that super talented Nicole Atkins (pictured) was on the cover of the third issue of The Deli a few years a go (more than a few actually...). We are also huge fans of Sam Cohen and TEEN, bands we covered abundantly, while Jared Samuel's newer act Invisible Familiars recently got a full feature on our NYC print issue. All these artists, among others, will be performing in the Inn's intimate setting, and - should your company be not incredibly entartainig - the room will be well lit enough to allow you to read the latest issues of The Deli in between sets! See ya there! More info here.


Several NYC indie ladies perform at Manhattan Inn tonight within "The Hum" series

Tonight at 10PM, Hypnocraft’s The Hum, an ongoing (and free) residency featuring collaborations between NYC  musicians from desperate genres, will once again take over Manhattan Inn in Greenpoint. The artists bring to bear an expansive repertoire to their respective sets, which shimmer with that always exciting energy of that “new band smell.” I was lucky enough to catch the residency’s first iteration, which closed with a powerful duet between Shilpa Ray and Deva Mahal of Skylines, and this Monday’s offerings are no less impressive. The bill includes Teeny Liberson (TEEN)Zoe Brecher (Brainfreeze)Jen Goma (People Get Ready)Sarah Pedinotti (Lip Talk, streaming), Kalmia Traver (Rubblebucket)Kaila MalladyJordyn Blakely (Invisible Familiars)Alyse Lamb (Eula) and Alex Nelson (Oracle Room, also streaming). - Emilio Herce - In the picture,  an image from last' week's show by David Andrako. 


TEEN celebrates "The Way And Color" release party at Baby's All Right on May 22

Brooklyn's psych band TEEN, online searches' public enemy #1 and one of the most creative Brooklyn groups of the moment - which also happens to be fully composed of female musicians - will be celebrating the release of their latest full length "The Way And Color" with a show at Baby's All Right on May 22. Check out album opener "A Rose for You" (we can't find a stream, but here's the Spotify link) to get an idea of how enterteingly weird things can get with these ladies. The video streaming below is for the first single "Not For Long," which belongs to the underexplored "avant-ballad" musical category.


TONIGHT: TEEN headlines Deli/Pianos Indie CMJ Stage

After releasing their debut full-length in 2012, TEEN also unveiled a new EP that showcases an impressive artistic growth, striking a very personal balance between eastern sounding melodies, detuned synth lines and guitar parts that flirt with the golden days of prog rock (think early King Krimson). Read more about them in this issue's feature about Psych Rock in NYC. See them tonight at The Deli/Pianos Indie CMJ Stage.