Thin Lips

Mannequin Pussy - Your Remedy for the Mondays at Hazard Hall Dec. 1

The beginning of the week can drag; however, Hazard Hall has a remedy this evening. Mannequin Pussy taps into multiple levels of sound. The trio can lay out there with an unveiled agitated punk release, or lay back somewhat sweetly, stacking up the grit in a controlled yet forceful grunge-injected melody that's half bubbly and half volatile. That ability to sit back and/or setup at opportune moments illustrates the band’s conscious powerful sense of dynamics. Thin Lips, an offshoot of Dangerous Ponies featuring Kyle Pulley bookended by Chrissy Tashijans, supply excellent riff-centric tunes as Tashijans finds a comfortable spot, distinctly delivering lyrics that you’ll naturally sing along to. Cool Points mesh the threshold of pop-punk and noise adding a menacing undercurrent that coldly cuts. Cincinnati, Ohio’s lo-fi, dream-punk three-piece equation Leggy round out this Monday special. Hazard Hall, (Please contact one of the acts or venue for more info.), 7pm, All Ages (Photo by Walter Wlodarczyk) - Michael Colavita


The Weaks EP Release Party at Golden Tea House Feb. 7

Tonight, Golden Tea House welcomes Evan Bernard and Chris Baglivo, combining forces as The Weaks. Celebrating the release of their debut EP, The World Is a Terrible Place & I Hate Myself and I Want to Die, available via Lame-O Records on February 11, this duo, formerly of Dangerous Ponies, perform ironed-out power pop fusing it with punk influences. The results are catchy songs with clear guitar lines and an energetic nature, that new yet-familiar vibe, which places songs in frequent rotation. Thin Lips, a new venture that finds another pair of Dangerous Ponies Chrissy Tashijan and Kyle Pulley with Tigers Jaw/Three Man Cannon drummer Pat Brier, will also be there sharing in the joyous occasion. The trio is geared in a punk-oriented direction, coupling heavier riff-churning guitar and tumbling percussion with Tashijan’s commanding vocals. Rounding out the bill will be indie-rockers Kite Party, who find a balance between Russell Edling’s emotive vocals with steady yet bubbling under the surface instrumentation that breaks at opportune moments, and Tacoma, Washington hardcore foursome Cowardice. Golden Tea House, (Please email for more info.), 7:30, All Ages - Michael Colavita


New Tracks: "Gemini Moon" & "Non-Monogamy Nightmare" - Thin Lips

We've shared many great times with Dangerous Ponies over the years so obviously their rather sudden break-up and the cancellation of their what-was-meant-to-be final performance at The Barbary was definitely a downer. Well, the good news is that DP's Chrissy Tashjian and Kyle Pulley have a new project with Tigers Jaw drummer Pat Brier called Thin Lips. Here are their debut tracks, "Gemini Moon" and "Non-Monogamy Nightmare," and you'll notice a more punk-ish angst energy surging through these latest offerings, but of course, the hooks are there, pulling you in to get some of those Lips. Enjoy!