Zambri gets car washed + plays Dumbo Arch on 08.17

Once again, Zambri skews the ordinary in its new video for “From An Angle” with is based on a view of a car wash in motion “from an angle” that we’ve all witnessed (and probably also thoroughly enjoyed as kids) but never really taken in. The music is beautifully complimented by the imagery and melds together in a seamless fashion. The blinking lights and repetitive motions of the car wash become a sort of beautiful dance to the music Zambri provides. The band will be performing at Dumbo Arch in Brooklyn on August 17 at the MTV O Music Awards Presents Unboxed Returns. - Christine Cauthen


Final B.E.A.F evening with Lucius, Snowmine, ARMS, Starlight Girls + New Myths at Cameo

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The musical menu for The Deli's 4th NYC B.E.A.F. (Best of Emerging Artists Fest) is right in front of you - I know, the font is a little small there (too many bands!!!) check out the details here, you'll find all the bands links under the poster).

This festival is linked to our latest year end Best of NYC Emerging Artists Poll, a contest influenced by many NYC scene makers, bloggers and venue promoters, and to our Spring 2012 "Best of NYC" printed issue of The Deli, which highlights all the bands in the "Best of 2012" list.

Today is the last day of the fest, with our flagship show at Cameo, check out this outrageous lineup:

CAMEO - $8/10

10:50 Lucius
10:00 Snowmine
9:10 Arms
8:20 Starlight Girls
7:30 New Myths

The Deli's Staff


Zambri headlines B.E.A.F. Electronic Stage at Brooklyn Bowl with Caged Animals and Aimes

‘Crash, bang, thud’ go experimental pop outfit Zambri’s loud arrangements. Sisters Cristi Jo and Jessica Zambri surely spent many a rainy afternoon as children drumming incessantly on anything around them as their music is partially defined by their large scale percussion sections. Underneath the punishingly thumped drums lie dark, sinister synth arpeggios and wicked pop melodies, which blend together beautifully on their debut album "House of Baasa," an accomplished and truly original piece among the recent flood of New York electronic records. The sisterhood - who recently released the stunning debut album "House of Baasa" - tonight will headline the Deli's B.E.A.F.'s Electronic Stage at Brooklyn Bowl with Caged Animals and Aimes. Door is just $5, so don't you dare miss out, you!  - Dean Van Nguyen