Zs Release Latest, Xe, With Show at (Le) Poisson Rouge

Brooklyn experimental trio Zs has always been defying expectations, and their latest release, the mesmeric Xe (pronounced Zee), is no different. The record features some of Zs's most accessible work, yet remains as challenging and captivating as any of their previous releases.  “Corps,” the third track on the album, begins with the hypnotic plucking of Higgins's guitar, and is immediately matched by Fox’s tom heavy fills, a machine gun patter played between toms and their rims. Hilmer’s saxophone refrains, sinewy and versatile, modulate the band’s volume and energy throughout. The rest of the album remains meticulously composed, but because it was recorded live in studio, captures the frenetic energy of their live sets. Zs will be releasing Xe tonight with a show at (Le) Poisson Rouge. - Emilio Herce (@emilioherce)


NYMPH's Trance-Inducing Jams Coming to McCarren Park Tomorrow

Northern Spy Records has a consistently solid lineup of bands that seek to push sonic boundaries.  Bands like Zs, Aa(Big A little a), and PC Worship focus on improvisation as a mode of expression, and with the use of the insane musical technology that exists today, the sounds that these bands are utilizing brings fusion music into a whole new dimension. One such band is NYMPH and their trance inducing music. The group expands upon long and drawn out jams which ultimately develop into complete worlds of their own.  The instrumentation is always alternating, and although the sound never fails to evolve between each song, a signature mood can be found in each track off their most recent album, New Millenium Prayer.  Jazz, drone rock and eastern music are very much a part of their sound, as themes and motifs are used as catalysts for each song, churning the sonic waters until a musical consensus is gathered, whether it be in consonant fruition or dissonant chaos.  NYMPH will be playing along with The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger at the Mccarren Park Summerscreen series tomorrow (7/30).  - Jake Saunders