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Premiere: UV Rays' new music video for "Existential Dread"

Brooklyn’s UV Rays are debuting the music video for their song “Existential Dread.” The track is from the band’s recently released debut EP Try and Begin and features beautifully intertwined electric guitars parts that play to the rhythm of a poised drum beat, and accent borderline jazzy pop choruses. The video is filled with extreme wide shots that show the band members playing their instruments, seemingly miniature to the huge backgrounds. The video’s simplicity is eye-catching and suits the track’s avant-pop vibe. The female/male vocal chemistry and the vibrant guitars that accompany it are in the vein of groups like The Pastels, with an added mathy element. Ever the hard-working group, UV Rays are already working on a second EP, and if it is anything like the first, we will be glad to premiere it too.


Êmia gets the pop formula right, will headline Knitting Factory 07.05

Êmia offers listeners a pure and potent brand of pop that gets the heart fluttering. The Brooklyn-based artist’s music explores the universal themes of broken relationships, almost-was romances, and identity struggles, but it does so with an opulent elegance. In “Teleprompter” (streaming) the acoustic guitar notes, robust bass, and echoing vocals all help create a song embroidered with messages that resonate, and hooks that captivate. Êmia’s confident delivery and commitment to pop music’s fundamental elements puts her right in the middle of the female pop star resurgence that Ariana Grande has championed. Êmia will be headlining Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on July 5th, with support from Illicit Ghost and Caroline Lazar.


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Melody Rose Band
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City Winery

Boy Scouts plays Phono del Sol June 15th

Phono del Sol is a free festival at Potrero del Sol park. This year’s lineup features an Oakland favorite, Boy Scouts, whose folksy bedroom pop-rock is relaxing, charming and damn good. Taylor Vick’s vocals are sweet and pitch perfect, a fine complement to the keys and strums. Boy Scouts’ last release, Spiritual Pickle, is a 2-song sampler. Tracks “Kite” and “My Idiot Brain” are lofi, low pressure and highly pleasing. Catch Boy Scouts at Phono del Sol and wherever else they’re playing comin’ up soon! Stay tuned. - Lucille Faulkner


Eastern Souvenirs releases new psych-pop single "Getting There," plays Sofar Sounds: Boston 07.23

Brian Fisher has been writing songs under the moniker Eastern Souvenirs since 2014, concocting his brand of electronic psych-pop tunes. Synth-driven and guitar heavy the songs of his 2017 debut full-length record Green Valleys had a healthy balance of indie-folktronica as it was, now in his upcoming EP Getting There they are being served with a psych tinge. Both of the singles released for the record so far put the artist’s skills on full display: “Falling” has the surreal sounds of bands like Animal Collective while the title track (streaming) leans more on its cool electric guitar, for a more indie quality. Fisher seems to be blossoming in this upcoming EP, finding a style that incorporates the best of the psych-pop genre, which makes us excited for the release on July 12th. Fisher has recently relocated to Boston and will play Sofar Sounds July 23rd. - Rene Cobar