Alt Pop

New Jesse Barki LP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Jesse Barki (of The Mellowells) recently dropped a solo album, which he has titled Age Of Unknown Callers. Thoughtful, personal, folk songwriting, driven by acoustic guitar, creates a clear, sonic vision. A useful universal wisdom/maturity meets an emotive outpouring, pushing its power. Zooming in and out between short & longterm viewpoints, there’s a candid authenticity addressing one's evolving expectations, while finding where we individually fit in the bigger picture. (Photo by Rachel Adshead)


Blac Rabbit play New Year's Eve at Mercury + talk about gear

Psych rock is a genre that can encompass a spectrum of sounds ranging from pop-oriented songs to less-defined and at times downright chaotic jams. Risen to semi-celebrity status in NYC through busking in the subway to the tune of songs by the Beatles, Rockaway Beach, New York's Blac Rabbit create music that falls in the former category, with precise song structures and thoughtful lyrical content. What bridges those extreme ends is a like-minded penchant for phased guitar textures and dreamy introspection. After impressing with their debut 6 track EP a year ago, the band recently released new single “Seize The Day” (streaming below) from their forthcoming record "Interstella," due out in early 2019. While their debut record made no apologies for its floating Tame Impala influences, this new track comes on with a heavier edge. An angular guitar riff drives everything forward in tandem with more forceful drumming. While vocals are bathed in effects associated with the psychedelic experience, lyrics speak to being more grounded. Rather than “living in a cloud,” instead “I'm living my life loud,” and how “once you seize the day, you'll wonder why your feet have left the ground.” The band ring in the new year by headlining two shows at The Mercury Lounge on 12/30 and 12/31. - Dave Cromwell

Our sister blog Delicious Audio asked Blac Rabbit a few questions about their musical influences, gear and the creative process here.


New Null EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

Philly's own Null recently shared a new EP, oddly titled . - - . . . - . - . . . - . . (pull). Peppered with a glitchy array of noise, Josh Lesser creates a candid, warped, pop sound. Hovering between the threshold of heady & at home, one swims in the strangely familiar waters. While floating in tranquility, volatile transitions appear ready to loom around every corner.


The Sharp Shadows bring angular post-punk-pop to Alphaville on 12.30

Brooklyn's The Sharp Shadows play a rare blend of pop-punk mixed with post-punk, two genres that are propelled by anthitetical forces (speed+melody and tension+experimentation) but that have cohabitated some records of the late '70s - the first two XTC records and the punkier tunes by early The Police come to mind. In tracks like "Why Don't You Do It?" and "Push Push Push" edgy and tense backing tracks are charged with the speed and energy typical of punk and resolved following pop canons, in part reminiscent of the elegant melodies of Elvis Costello. The power trio has been active since 2013 and released their latest album "Lessons" in August 2018; they will perform live at Alphaville on December 30th.


Power-pop group Pacific play The High Watt on 01.10

Folks, if you're searching for New Year's Eve plans, here's a word of advice: Stay home. If you've ever gone out on the so-called NYE, you know the risks you take by exposing yourself to the masses. Save yourselves!

But: After you've avoided the drunken carousals and traffic nightmares, perhaps you'll venture outside to see a show. And if you do, you should catch power-pop group Pacific play The High Watt on January 10th. The Nashville indie newcomers take their sound from the early 2000s; think All American Rejects or softer Blink-182. That kind of catchiness will get to you on their newest single "Crumble", a crunchy track with all the makings of an indie pop radio-ready hit. Pacific will play their January 10th single release show with openers RYLY and Chasing Ella; start your new year off right with some new tunes from all of those fine groups. Take a listen to "Crumble" below. - Will Sisskind