Alt Pop

New Track: "Stag" - Goat Mumbles

Rob Grote (of The Districts) recently shared a new single under the moniker of Goat Mumbles. “Stag” occupies a shadowy, synthwave spectrum. A progressive, percussive groove shimmers in the moonlight, creating a mysterious, lonely dance track. The song seems to be invitation to a prospective companion, as Grote’s vocals suggest a hypothetical future. The longing, semi-spoken deliver is contrasted by the warmth and brightness of his falsetto, introducing a different perspective of the artist's musical talents. (Photo by Out Of Town Films)


Debut Finders EP Available for Streaming & Download

As though floating through a vast, ethereal dream with turbulent twists, Maroon 6, the debut EP from Finders, provides a pensive ambiance A discovery-oriented drive delicately pushes one forward. The instrumental atmosphere is compact, but offers room for vocals to breathe. However, as one foot is placed in the clouds, another is grounded in reality.


Glam-rock The Blam Blams drop debut EP early for Christmas

Greta Van Fleet may have nailed the Led Zeppelin impression despite their dismal showing on Pitchfork, but The Blam Blams have arrived to give you your dose of throwback glam rock goodness. The group, which convened through Craigslist communications in late 2017, just released their debut EP as a holiday offering; the disc includes three tracks from their upcoming full-length record Opening Night. The first track, "Roll On", smacks of Queen and David Bowie without getting too derivative; you can imagine lead vocalist Brad Owens strutting across the stage a la Freddie as he sings. Speaking of stage, if you want to make the drive up to Clarksville, The Blam Blams will play at Wicked Good Sandwiches on January 26th; the band will tour throughout next year to support the LP. Watch their socials for upcoming dates, and take a listen to their EP below. - Will Sisskind


Wooing's "The Clouds" is an otherworldly vision

The Clouds, the newest single by New York’s Wooing, is a release that feels not of this time. Through frontwoman and multi-instrumentalist Rachel Trachtenburg’s haunting vocals, softly commanded against echoing pedal-laden guitar lines, the band crafts a soundscape that feels both vintage and otherworldly, as if Motown existed in a universe of David Lynch’s making. Even the opening lyrics on “Could Have Been” implore feelings of a disconnect, as Trachtenburg (previously in Supercute! and Prettiots) paints surrealist landscapes wherein she “went to the moon, [and] saw your head up in the clouds” as an eerie, theremin-like sound wanders behind her. Between “Could Have Been” and b-side “In Her Head,” Wooing have stumbled upon visions of the subconscious that could be either dreams or nightmares, but they are captivatingly engrossing nonetheless. - Connor Beckett McInerney (@b_ck_tt)


New Flanafi EP Available for Streaming & Download

Flanafi is a project of Simon Martinez, one half of the Philly-based band Pulgas. While Pulgas’ songs often consist of large and dynamic rock arrangements, Flanafi leans toward a more mellow, neo-soul vibe. Martinez’s musical partner, Zane Shields, makes an appearance on drums for title track and EP opener, "You live here?", and his sister Eva Martinez provides vocals on "cheese plate". Consistent throughout Martinez’s projects is an impressive ability to synthesize exciting songwriting with skillful sonic engineering. You live here? is a brief collection of songs, but packs in plenty of moments to appreciate and zone to. A welcome companion to cozy up with as we enter a collective winter hibernation. - Josh Kelly