Alt Rock

DeerGod Helping To Raise Hopes; Show Off "Still Coming" EP

 DeerGod sure help get the blood pumping. Their “Still Coming” album is fill to the brim of blasting drums, searing guitar leads, pure poison lyrics and energy in spades. The opening track is an ambient noise opening that swells into Beggar’s Canyon, which kicks the doors wide open. From the mile-a-minute assault of raw punk rock, to the dreamy, ambient groove of Trees and Nimbus Break keep every second of new music fresh, never doing what you’ll predict they’ll do. DeerGod are playing their last show of the year on Dec 19 at Wasted Space in Oshawa, for a benefit gig to raise funds for PFLAG; Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. I can’t think of a better way to raise money for a good cause.

 Cody W


Enjoy Mr. Bones' new "Do You Wanna Feel Alright"

Mr. Bones has been the lo-fi, garagey, pop punky delight that we've all needed to get us a little rowdy here in Portland. The Deli mentioned them back in February, when their self titled debut tape came out off Good Cheer Records. We're bringing the boys of Mr. Bones today to debut the new single of their upcoming album, Bites, due out some time early next year. "Do You Wanna Feel Alright" is a minute and 45 seconds worth of refreshingly pleasant garage pop that is damn near impossible not to get into. 

"Do You Wanna Feel Alright" premiered on THRDCOAST and can be listened to here.

The Mr. Bones dudes will be playing at the Analog Cafe and Theater December 13, so give the track a listen and come ready to have a good time.

-Cervante Pope


Wired Minds “Strange Kind of Love" Video

Yesterday we shared the first single for Wired Minds debut EP Saudade, "Strange Kind of Love". Today we bring you the video for this Brit-Pop inspired single.


Band to Watch: The Gentle Cycle

The new San Jose based 60s revivalist rock band, The Gentle Cycle has just emerged into the Bay Area music scene! The band's music has a bit of a lofi, vintage sound which makes sense because the band features the prominent local record collector, Derek See.

The Gentle Cycle is See´s current and main music project. He also plays occasional guitar with Myron & E,  The Rain Parade and The Chocolate Watchband. It's always exciting to see new bands emerge, even when they consist of a group of accomplished, experienced musicians. A new group is a new group and we welcome their creative pursuits and look forward to seeing them grow!

You can check out The Gentle Cycle live at The Knockout of January 9th with The Hellenes and Light Fantastic.


Are you DTF?

At some point or another, it's likely you've been asked if you're "DTF" or not. Usually, the acronym would imply you're down for some, let's say, "sensual relations," but here in Portland in references a different sort of gathering. December to Forget is our giant "F U" to this month of lame weather, ugly sweaters and gifts you didn't ask for. The last December to Forget, hosted by Party Boyz in 2013, got quite crazy. The ladies of Party Boyz are hoping for the same this year.

December to Forget will be held at the Liquor Store this Saturday, December 12th. Sets at the show include breakout band Moon By You, our beloved Wampire and San Francisco's Everyone Is Dirty. Tickets are $5 and the show starts at 9pm, so come prepared to get messed up with the best of us!

DTF is also doubling as a canned food drive, so if you bring a can of shelf stable food with you, you'll get $1 off your ticket! All the food is being donated to the Oregon Food Bank to benefit those less fortunate this holiday season, so nutrient dense foods are highly needed (think vegetables, soups, etc.)!


-Cervante Pope