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Album Review: Sun Valley Gun Club - Self Titled

The opening track, Even Before I Learned to Write is like the exhale of a lengthy drawn-out drag, armed with a cold beer and your best friends sitting in a circle discussing how weird life really is. Sun Valley Gun Club’s self-titled album generates a yearning for those authentic, unassuming moments that you don’t truly appreciate the beauty of until it's gone. Consistent with the energy of the album, Sun Valley Gun Club's self titled album is casually addictive. The album is so good, you can catch yourself naturally mouthing the lyrics, floating home from work half-dazed after the long day. SVGC is reminiscent of the vocals of your favorite classic 90’s jam and at first listen could be mistaken as simple Indie revival rock. However, the most surprising and incredible element of this album is the heartfelt, powerful 80’s guitar riffs that decide to make a pleasantly surprising appearance at the most unexpected times. What is initially perceived as a simple, rock album reveals itself as a unique, fresh sound that draws itself from the highlighted elements of two classic musical eras that when combined create a sound that is as nuanced and innovative. Drop the needle on It Came From the Moon, light one up and start again.

 - Lindsay Stickney



Hidden Hospitals @ The Burlington

Hidden Hospitals recently released a new video for their song "Trilogy" in conjunction with Jericho Guitars. The song comes from their 2015 debut full-length album Surface Tension. The band is currently in the studio recording new music.

You can catch Hidden Hospitals at The Burlington on January 23rd with Man Eating Tiger and Even Thieves.


Boston's LOVEWORDS plays Middle East in Cambridge on 1/13

Last month, Boston duo LOVESWORDS shared its roughly pretty second release, 'LOVESWORDS TWO.' Featuring such punk-inflected blues songs as "Ode to the Strong" and "Tired Bull" (streaming below), the five-track effort pleasantly recalls such celebrated acts as The Black Keys and Sublime while humbly exhilerating with its passionate musicianship. The second half of the latter song, for example, has singer Kyle Henrickson calling out a lover's "lies" as drummer Skye Mazuroski's hard taps mount ferociously towards the roof. Henrickson and Mazuroski are reportedly childhood friends and, in these raw tracks, one hears the unadulterated joys of youth. LOVESWORDS plays at Middle East in Cambridge, MA on Wednesday, 1/13.-  Zach Weg


Pumpkinseed shows us their "Holy Bits," live tonight (01.07) at DRKMTTR

Pumpkinseed’s Holy Bits is the missing link that hopped an aeroplane off Avery Island and crash landed in the middle of a stormy sea. Taking turns between meditative and peaceful tracks like album opener “My Lord Swung Low” and ones driven by brute force and raw power like “Jaime,” Holy Bits is a work worth hearing the whole way through.

Fret not if all that gets you a little hot and bothered, because Pumpkinseed's next Nashville gig is a house show tonight (January 7) at DRKMTTR with Mom & Dad, Commander Keen, and Sweet Cheeks. -Austin Phy 


Wildcat Apollo's Second Single from Their New Album is Some Rules-Breaking Indie Pop

Wildcat Apollo is releasing 80s pop singles on us right now. Truly, we’ve been living in this time of all past eras of music being re-done and reproached by the contemporary kids as good as or better than they were originally were for a while, and Wildcat Apollo’s second single from their new album “Melt into the Ocean” is exactly that. It’s a Cocteau Twins influenced blast of a romantic pop track, but with the echoing choir indie thing of the early 2000s (itself a rehash of an 80s Paul McCartney kinda thing that itself goes back even further etc.) and a very 2016 approach to old sounds that says this is ours, and we’re gonna take it and make it like we want.

We live in the age of fast-moving everything, and one thing that’s moving so fast that it’s collapsed into itself is pop music, which has developed into music like “Red Roses” that comes off as a kind of retro-contemporary-future pop music all at one time. It’s weird that it does all these different pop things at once and doesn’t ask permission to do it. It might not be fully what many might want from pop music if we were asked to directly lay out the path we think good such music takes, and it isn’t perfect with its almost-too cutesy notes with the echoing choir shit, but it makes up for it by not caring that you might not like that and driving hard at everything the band wants the track to be. It ends up pretty endearingly done, and the track sticks in your head and gets your spirit going a bit upwards whether you'd like to admit it or not (and many will without a single problem).

Wildcat Apollo’s “Red Roses” is of the new rules pop, and it’s good fun, and you should and can listen to it below. Do that or be a stickler, hip kids of this site.