New Track: "Double Polarize" - Xyzzy Lovelace

Xyzzy Lovelace, a.k.a. Evan Paris (of The Ordinals) recently shared a new single, “Double Polarize”. Keys gracefully guide the track, which is aided by the addition of rudimentary, lo-fi percussion. Luminous, reverberating vocals capture an emotive scene amid the electro-dance surroundings. The ebb and flow of contrasting, linked feelings is something that is difficult to explain but easy to relate.


Electronic artists Eve Maret and Dream Chambers kick off tour at The Cobra on 01.25

Electronic artists Eve Maret and Jess Chambers (aka Dream Chambers) are taking their latest synth-crafted tunes on the road, kicking things off with a show at The Cobra on January 25th. Maret and Chambers recently co-founded Hyasynth House, the Nashville-based electronic music collective for femme, trans, and non-binary artists. Their efforts have provided a place for musicians around the city to connect, share their work, and collaborate. And while their good work has taken up quite a bit of time, Maret and Chambers are taking a week to travel around the southeastern states, share their newest music, and spread word about their work. At their kickoff show at The Cobra, Maret and Chambers will share the bill with EDM artist and recent expat from the Bay Area, Stacian, as well as the funk-tinged songs of Soft Bodies. As always, Hyasynth House won't tolerate any harrassment of any kind at the show, so if you go on Friday night and feel unsafe, let them know. Take a listen to Eve's latest album No More Running, as well as Dream Chambers' latest album White Roses, below. - Will Sisskind


TMBOY's new album "Steam" (out 02.08) is an kinetic exploration of isolation

When the first handful of TMBOY’s singles came out in 2018, it was clear that the electro-pop duo could pull off subtle rushes of emotion when combined with subdued, drum-heavy dance beats. On their newest album Steam, the pair doubles down on the sound of their singles, creating an album of hypnotic synths and glimmering vocals. The intricate rhythms of the electronic drums often interlace with a variety of synthesizers, offering quick jolts to a song’s groove or an atmospheric moment of meditation. The instrumentals offer hints of LCD Soundsystem, but the lyrics on Steam are unique to TMBOY. Earnest declarations and realizations of isolation make the act of touch and travel on these tracks sound otherworldly. Songs like “No One” and “Submarine” highlight how these sonic collaborations can so powerfully capture feelings of loneliness and searching for connection. You can listen to Steam when it releases on Feb. 08 and catch TMBOY live at their release show at Union Pool. -Tucker Pennington


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New Track: "Stag" - Goat Mumbles

Rob Grote (of The Districts) recently shared a new single under the moniker of Goat Mumbles. “Stag” occupies a shadowy, synthwave spectrum. A progressive, percussive groove shimmers in the moonlight, creating a mysterious, lonely dance track. The song seems to be invitation to a prospective companion, as Grote’s vocals suggest a hypothetical future. The longing, semi-spoken deliver is contrasted by the warmth and brightness of his falsetto, introducing a different perspective of the artist's musical talents. (Photo by Out Of Town Films)