Michael Vallera "Deep Sleeping Exit"

Ambient electronic musician Michael Vallera has released the first single, "Deep Sleeping Exit", from his forthcoming third album, Window In.

The album, which is due out March 27th via the German label Denovali is the follow-up to 2018's All Perfect Days.


TALsounds "No Rise"

TALsounds released the first single, "No Rise", from her forthcoming fifth album, Acquiesce. This is beautiful electronic music of Natalie Chami, and this project will be released by Brooklyn's NNA Tapes on May 22nd.

You can catch TALsounds on April 2nd at Metro with Dan Deacon and Ed Schrader's Music Beat, and you can help her celebrate the release of her album on May 22nd at Constellation with Sam Prekop.


John Lau "II"

John Lau are back with the follow-up to their 2018 self-titled debut EP, a three song EP called "II". These are the experimental sounds of Tony Piazza and Kevin McMahon who are both bass players, but on this project branch out beyond traditional Jazz or Rock bass structures.

Just as in their debut album, the duo manages to blur the line between organic and synthetic sounds to create something new and ever evolving.


Deep Space Duo

Super group Deep Space Duo are preparing to release their debut collaboration, Spacetones, via the local label Love All Day on March 20th. This is the work of Whitney Johnson (Matchess) and Matt Jencik, two of the most invented and experimental musicians in the city today. They met with both performing in the live band as part of Circuit des Yeux.

For this project the duo are both playing Acetone Top 5 Organs recorded into a 4-track. The sound is lush, beautiful, hypnotic drone music. The project will be released on 100 chrome cassettes with foil stamped packaging with art and design by Sonnenzimmer.

Below is video for a track called "Ibex Ribbon". The song titles for the project are being credited to Ken Camden, Jencik's bandmate in Implodes


Rio Tigre keeps the party going late on soft jam “Tornado”

Those seeking a soft, late-late night jam will find danceable solace in “Tornado,” the latest offering by Brooklyn-based synth pop project Rio Tigre. The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Raphaël Pazoumian, Rio Tigre prides themselves of seeking to emulate the experience of “driving across the Williamsburg Bridge at 4am, the twinkle of Manhattan fading away in the rearview mirror.” Such aesthetic influences metabolize in “Tornado,” its tactile 808 accents and minimalistic, often single note keys providing an upbeat yet ultimately hushed effort, the type of soundscape you’d expect from a DJ at a Bushwick loft hang that’s run its course (or, better yet, is quickly turning into an afterparty). Atop such dreamy synthetic flourishes, Pazoumian’s lazy vox drifts through the scene, equally muted and lounge-like, further endowing this offering with the energy of a night you’d prefer not end, despite full knowledge of the sun’s coming approach. Recommended for fans of The xx seeking something that leans more on the side of hyphy, check out our premiere of the track below. Photo by Sarah Moussa