Hello Yello's dual release, My Life as a Teenage Robot

Oakland-based Hello Yello released two tracks as a duo called My Life As A Teenage Robot. Songs "Lifeguard" and "I Really Loved You," which as the band says are two tracks that lend "...a softer hand to their innovative mash-up of punk and grunge sounds." The project continues a busy year for the group, following the release of their debut EP Love Wins earlier this year, and they just started their North American tour. Catch them and listen in. It's alternative, grunge and something we can't put our finger on. -Lucille Faulkner


Glitter Party - Fuzzy Slackers Debut Album

Glitter Party are bringin’ some dirty fuzzy glitter to the Toronto slacker scene. Their debut self-titled album was released in August of this year and features the previously released singles “Moonrise” and “Orange Paint”. The latter is a thumpin’ noise rock track that has about equal influences from modern California garage rock as well as 80’s pop rock. It could go either way depending on the grit level. In this case, it’s very gritty. Grab some Glitter Party on their bandcamp page! – Kris Gies



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Elevator Operators
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Union Pool

The Crowleys - Jangly New Psych Single "Clarice"

The Crowleys are a psychedelic pop-rock band from Hamilton. They have figured out a way to effectively master that lo-fi garage sound while keeping the quality high and melodies catchy. Their new single “Clarice” has duel vocals and a medium paced jangle. The lyrics touch on “the uncertainty within yourself when dealing with mental health issues”. The Crowleys play This Ain’t Hollywood in Hamilton on November 6th along with Hot Garbage and Simply Saucer. – Kris Gies


Stuyedeyed, Pure Adult, and Holy Wisdom LLC bring noise to Rough Trade on 10.30

Stuyedeyed, Pure Adult, and Holy Wisdom LLC, will be taking over Rough Trade NYC on 10.30 for what promises to be an overly noisy evening with local NYC bands. 

Stuyedeyed is comprised of Nelson Antonio Hernandez-Espinal, Humberto Genao, George Ramirez, and Luis Ruelas, four musicians dedicated to the cult of... loud sounds and vocals of uncompromising garage rock. “Mr. Policeman,” the band's most popular track, features contentious lyrics addressing police brutality (“Hey Mr. Policeman, who’d you kill today?”), complemented by blaring guitar riffs, with results that are protest-inducing, to say the least.

Pure Adult released their self-titled debut EP in September of this year. This 33 minute long EP gives the listener a look into this band's crazed chaotic sound. The first song off the EP, “I Am Shitting in a Room” conveys the subversive vibes straight from the title and sounds like someone randomly browsing through radio frequencies. Things get definitely more structured starting with single "The New Guillotine," a spartan post punk track featuring striking spoken poetry and an explosively broken "chorus".

In "The Midnight Room" EP, Holy Wisdom also flirts with experimentation and post-punk vibes, though through a darker and more ominously mysterious approach. The band's vocals, muffled and mysterious, shun anything resembling a melody, and can be whispered or borderline satanic sounding - in a way that's at once reminiscent of Tom Waits and Suicide's Alan Vega. The results are designed to cause an uncomfortable and frightening experience among the most sensitive listeners, in the most authentic tradition of early post-punk. - Karigan Wright