Hip Hop

NYC rapper Koncept plays Arlene's Grocery 4/16

Koncept shook up our senses in 2015 with “The Fuel” EP (co-produced by J57), aand by storming SXSW in March this year. Now we can see him bring his fire to the intimate and historic Arlene’s Grocery. As he raps in his newest single, “Crazy is Beautiful,” -- “Never look back at the past me, that would bring me down so badly.” The EP is a testament to living in the present. If you’re feeling like you’re running on empty, come out and fuel up. Doors at 6pm. He plays at 8pm. Don't be late!


Nothing, Nowhere. weaves together various genres in 'Who Are You?'

In a world where the lines between genres keep blurring it’s no surprise when bands or artists create works the defy fitting into any one of them. What is refreshing, though, is when they do it well. Enter Nothing, Nowhere. With self deprecatingly analytical lyrics glazed over with a layer of anger, dreamy reverb guitars, rapping, and samplings from movies and readings Nothing, Nowhere. builds tracks that take cues from emo, indie dream pop, and hip hop. Thus forging an LP (streaming below) that explores love, frustration, religion and loss of faith with an unique style. Keep an eye out on their facebook page for any future concerts.


Has-Lo Opening for Open Mike Eagle at KFN April 14

Has-Lo delivers the goods with an old-school lyric-first sensibility embracing a both sides of the coin, with narratives delving deep, documenting the tireless climb upward. Hitting with a low-key bounce, the stories roll forward in a relentless sense of purpose, slickly combining phrases with a keen wit and an eye on the prize, which lies in the distance. However, all isn’t heavy; with his new EP Hard Writer, he finds an introspective manner of levity. Speaking of levity, with a freshly minted new album Hella Personal Film Festival, Open Mike Eagle headlines this late night gem, connecting the cognitive dots through personal commentary that depicts reality, with a humorous scope. DJ Bearbait, a.k.a. Chris Ward, opens the evening concocting a mix of R&B, soul, and funk, while kickstarting a bill worth waiting to the wee hours. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St., 11pm, $12, 21+ - Michael Colavita


Human BBQ XXXVIII at Pilam April 9

Get up, and grub down for the 38th annual Human BBQ at Pilam. The all-day affair showcases a roll call of talented bands (17 in all); the majority of which are sprung from local soil. Among those are the psych-pop of Grubby Little Hands, whose new album Garden Party is set for release on April 29 via Lefse Records. The coasting, casual wave of Blue Smiley amplifies in intensity, pushing its loose air into a turbulent state. The melting point of electro-hip hop and ambient noise with Moor Mother Goddess brings a broad spectrum of sound together. Emotively sprinkled, reserved and then raucous sounds Bone Bats and the somber, twisted, rockin' melodies of Cold Foamers juxtapose the 0 to 100 grind thrash of +HIRS+. The subtle, lilting, experimental textures of Japanese Breakfast help to round out this festive day into form. Pilam, (Please contact one of the acts or venue for more info.), 12pm, $15, All Ages - Michael Colavita


Come fool around at tonight's hip hop house show

Not fool around as in hook up with people...unless you want to. That's your own prerogative. I'm talking April Fools, which is today. This show, however, is not a joke. Korgy and Bass, Eric Fury and Coco Columbia will all be blasting their ecclectic and addictive beats in the basement space at the Dacha tonight for $5. Come out and bob your head a little bit. Or maybe even pull a Busta Rhymes and break ya' neck. Whatever you choose to do, it'll be fun. Just keep the pranking to a minimum, we're all adults here. -Cervante Pope