Indie Rock

Cafe Racer "Faces"

Cafe Racer recently dropped a new single called "Faces". This is the first new music from the Psych Rock group since their highly acclaimed 2018 album, Famous Dust.

You can catch Cafe Racer tonight, Feb. 21st, at Cole's Bar with J Fernandez.


Muted Color @ Burlington Bar (2/21)

Muted Color recently released their latest EP "Shatterhead". This is the follow-up to their 2019 debut EP "Pastel".

As we said last year, the band has a classic New Wave sound with elements of shoegaze mixed through out the EP. When you listen to both EP's you can tell the band's sound is evolving is such a great way. 

You can catch Muted Color at Burlington Bar tomorrow, Feb. 21st, with Sleepwalk, Deep Crush, and Field Mates.


Drama Moth "I Can't Fall Asleep"

Experimental Pop trio Drama Moth has released a new single called "I Can't Fall Asleep". This is the first new music from the group since their 2019 full-length In My Dream You Thought You Had More Time.

You can catch Drama Moth at Cairo Pizza and Grill in West Chicago on February 23rd.


James Blonde - Inspirational Pop-Rock Single "Hundred Bucks"

Pop-Rock Trio James Blonde are back with a groovy, inspirational tune “Hundred Bucks”. This track is their personal explanation on money not buying happiness. In their words the story goes through “different situations in which you may find yourself looking for fun or comfort.” Their excellent harmonies are in full effect in this one as well. James Blonde will be playing The Garrison on March 11th along with Courage My Love. – Kris Gies


T.V.O.D. critique and jam on "Wallmart," play Our Wicked Lady 2.22

T.V.O.D. (short for Television Overdose) detail generational sins and derail American exceptionalism on single “Wallmart,” infusing their patented brand of “disco-punk” into a white knuckle introduction. A post-punk vocal delivery by frontman Tyler Wright helps to establish the outfit’s raw bona fides, a raw sound made danceable (and moshable) by bright electric guitars and rapid-fire drumming. Sardonic one liners abound (“All hail the Burger King” / “Would you like a cheeseburger, I think I’m gonna black out”) to make this single the groovy protest anthem it is, one that’ll be right at home with fans of LCD Soundsystem and Franz Ferdinand. Listen below, and catch T.V.O.D. at Our Wicked Lady’s Winter Madness on February 22nd. —Connor Beckett McInerney