Indie Rock

NASHU "Ghost Gardens"

NASHU is the solo project of Shaun Burk, formerly of Hunt Hunt Hunt Camp, and he has released his debut, Ghost Gardens. The album was recorded independently during quarantine and has a LoFi, acoustic, bedroom pop sound. Burk is joined by Charlie Evans on electric guitar and backing vocals, but this is primarily Burk's project.

The album's lead single is called "Maktub" and is accompanied by the video below.


2020 Year in Review: Death Valley Girls

This writer is still stuck in "2020 Year In Review" mode because this writer refuses to believe that 2021 has even begun yet. Let's agree this past week was merely the afterbirth of 2020 and move on to the real start of the year next week mmm'kay? And let's pray we're not dealing with evil 2020/2021 twins because I'm guessing they'd make those twins from The Shining look like nothing more than the "cousins...identical cousins" from The Patty Duke Show. Anyway, here's one of my fave rekkids from last year I mean this year:

Artist: Death Valley Girls
Record: Under the Spell of Joy

Imagine if the Manson Girls had talked Charlie out of that whole Tate-LaBianca nonsense and instead wrote a bunch of cool songs and talked Mr. Helter Skelter into murdering his guitar parts instead of writing drivel like “Look At Your Game Girl” and then enrolled as a group in some EST seminars and you may have ended up with something like this album rather than a bunch of dead bodies. On the Death Valley Girls’s fourth full-length, frontwoman Bonnie Bloomgarden and company subtly expand their sonic palette with a mix of funhouse organ and guitar, fevered sax squalls, motivational mantras (a children’s choir is even brought into service!) and a clutch of songs that put the “mesmerism” back into “mesmerizing.”

Opening track “Hypnagogia” sets the tone with its cascading layers of sound enveloping the listener in the liminal state of its title--a word for the twilight consciousness between wakefulness and sleep--a state that holds sway more or less to the last track with its declaration that “life is but a dream / that is really happening.” A kinda concept album about joy made by a gothy garage-psych band previously drawn to all things dark and spooky it’s unsurprising that DVG doesn’t offer up too many bromides here--”You will survive / while you’re alive” is pragmatic uplift--but the joy on offer *is* unhesitating and unadulterated. Best of all UTSOJ manages to capture something akin to the blissful state I’ve experienced alongside many others at DVG’s incredible live shows. And that’s a joyous thing indeed. (Jason Lee)

photo credit: Abby Banks



Waltzer "Lantern"

Waltzer has released the latest single, "Lantern", from their forthcoming debut album, Time Traveler, which is due out on January 29th via Side Hustle Records. The single is accompanied by the Kelton Sears animated video below.

This is musical side of the multi-talented Sophie Sputnik who not only began releasing singles from this project in 2020, but also launched Waltzer TV, a monthly variety show that streamed online in partnership with music venues around the US and featured talent local to each venue. The next episode of Waltzer TV will be airing on January 28th via BabyTV in partnership Brooklyn venue Baby's All Right. This episode will be the starting point of a massive kickstarter campaign to grow the Waltzer TV series.


AJ Rosales "Manifestations"

Guitarist, Singer, and Songwriter AJ Rosales released his fifth studio, Manifestations, on January 1st. We premiered the album's lead single, "If Not Today", back in October, and the video for that single can be viewed below.

The album's second single, "Disengage", was released just in advance of the album and just further demonstrates Rosales ability to merge beautiful melodies with highly engaging lyrics.

The album features contributions from many talented local musicians including Scott Pazera (Bass), Jeremy Cunningham (Drums), Myra Hinrichs (Violin), Alex Giger (Viola), Audrey Snyder (Cello), and Johnny Butten (Banjo).



Aunt Kelly "Alone Again"

Aunt Kelly recently released a festive, wintery, lonely single called "Alone Again". This is the first single from trio since the release of their debut full-length album, Ready When You Are, back in 2019.

This is Indie Pop trio lead by the powerful vocals of Kelly Hannem. The group holds the honor of being the 48th and, to date, most recent band to record at The Hive. They recorded the set below on March 8th, 2020.