Indie Rock

geoff gordon's "Sex and the City" is satisfying indie pop with an experimental edge

Upstate indie pop outfit geoff gordon cover lots of ground on their latest album, Sex and the City. What begins on a drawling, folksy note quickly transitions to more electronically-infused, consummately relaxed effort, characterized by tactile, analogue-adjacent saw synths and at times lofi segues — in short, there’s a lot of distinct energies that characterize this nine track LP, all of which demonstrate an aptitude for experimentation in sound and song structure. Constant throughout the record is an ear for lush tones and satisfying melodic resolutions, making it recommended listening for fans of Porches and of Montreal — give it a listen below.


A Very Special Episode rip (in moderation) on "Cut for Time," play Our Wicked Lady 3.14

Brooklyn post-punk trio A Very Special Episode know how to keep things in control. While discordant, shoegazing guitars and a healthy serving a feedback perforate their 2018 EP Cut for Time, the production and format hits a finely-tuned middle ground between cacophony and run-of-the-mill indie rock, opting to incorporate Fender-friendly sounds in a manner that’s aggressive, yet well-curated. At the center of the storm is singer and guitarist Kasey Heisler’s impressive vocal performance, one that imbues the band’s latest offering with an energy that’s characterized by an energy that’s as devil-may-care as it is triumphant — standout song “Crazy” is a succinct encapsulation of what makes AVSE tick, a track well-suited for a highway singalongs and pit-opening alike. Give it a listen below, and catch the band at Our Wicked Lady on March 14th for the Rizzo’s sixth annual PROM FOREVER.


The Shallows debut with pure shoegaze record "Arsonist"

Last November, a Boston collective called The Shallows released a shoegaze treat quite transportive. Arsonist is all that is good about the ethereal genre, why with tracks like “Beginners,” whose guitar chords linger splendidly, elegant vocals enchant, and reliable rhythms impress, there is little not to enjoy. The overdriven bass that leads the title track adds a rock edge to the floating arpeggios that explode into tough fuzz-rich strums in the choruses. “Glacial Lakes” pays homage to the genre’s ‘80s U.K origins with its pure dream-pop elements while “Charmed” coasts to a soothing end somewhere far from where your emotions were before the start of the record. Stream the title track of this new EP below for a quicker way to get to your weekend. - Rene Cobar


Sam Crossland

Indie Rocker Sam Crossland has released two singles this year, and the latest is called "Better Than Me". He has been very open about where he is at musically and mentally and where he hopes to be this year. This single is about doing things your own way and believe in yourself no matter what other might say.


Joyful. "Strangers In The Dark"

Rock trio Joyful. has released their debut single "Strangers In The Dark". This is a great introduction to the sound of Andy Hilligoss (Vocals, Guitar), Will Garza (Bass), and Jake Newling (Drums).