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2020 Year In Review: Slut Magic

It’s 2020 roundup time, whereupon we cast our music blogging net wide and pull in releases that didn’t make it into our annals as of yet.

Slut Magic are a fulsome foursome who make music for moderns, especially those of the sex-positive and queer-positive variety. Their music and image are chock full of good humor, man, beautifully boundary-crossing but still humanistic. With songs full of strum und twang, imagine Orville Peck for the punk rock set (and many other stylistic hybrids besides) and you’re getting warm. They once you actually hear them you’ll be getting pretty hot.

Following up on 2018’s debut LP In My Mouth the Slut Magic crew pulled out Trauma Queen earlier this year, a full-length musical insurrection made up of songs that run the spectrum from expressing empathy for victims of f*ckery (see the title track) to healthy doses of "just don’t give a f*ck"-ery (fave lines along these lines: “maybe it’s the DayQuil / but you look pretty good tonight”) to righteous howls of "f*ck this sh*t" (“God Is A Bad Dom”) which are all quite appropriate sentiments for this dumpster fire of a year. 

Nearly as exciting as the release itself is the reveal that the band have made full-on music videos for each and every track — ranging from a first-generation PlayStation homage to a Christian broadcast TV montage to a choreographed rooftop assemblage (which rhymes if you say it right). So head on over to the band’s SlutTube and Slutcamp sites and take their full load of content right into your earholes and eyeholes. (Jason Lee)



Late Nite Laundry "Fantasy"

Dream Pop quartet Late Nite Laundry (LNL) has released a new single called "Fantasy". This is the first new music from the group since the departure of their lead singer, Kaitlin Logan, and with guitarist Ari Lindo now on vocals.

The single was recorded remotely with each member recording in their homes and keys player, Brenden Cabrera, mixing the song together. LNL is soft, warm blend of jazz and pop that have you instantly floating, dancing, and always smiling.


Bridey "Decisions Make Me Sick In The Head"

This is has been a pretty prolific year for Bridey Hicks, since releasing her debut album, Honey, last December, she has released two EP's and now a fantastic new single called "Decisions Make Me Sick In The Head".

On this single she is joined by Cam Mahai (Lead guitar), Jason Outimeete (Bass), and Alex Collyard (Drums).


Sonny Falls "All That Has Come Apart​/​Once Did Not Exist"

Sonny Falls has released a massive double album called All That Has Come Apart​/​Once Did Not Exist via the Brooklyn label Plastic Miracles.

This is the work of Ryan "Hoagie" Wesley Ensley and the first new album from the group since 2018's Some Kind of Spectre. On this album Ensley gathered together several outstanding local musicians including Alex Reindl of Old Joy, Nora Barton of Planchette, Sen Morimoto, Macie Stewart of Ohmme and Josh Snader of CSTVT.


Ester "Merry Lil Christmas"

Ester has released a collection of Christmas covers called "Merry Lil Christmas". This is the group lead by Anna Holmquist and featuring Katelyn Cohen, Chris Colson, Raul Cotaquispe, and Chris Harris. These covers of classic Christmas tunes are stripped down, straightforward, and a wonderful addition to any holiday playlist.

Holmquist has also been doing fantastic work hosting one of our favorite podcasts of 2020, "Bad Songwriter". If you have not been listening you have a lot of great episodes to catch up on including the most recent interview with Cordoba's Cam Cunningham.