Indie Rock

Kansas Bible Company preps new album release with "She's in the Garden," live this Friday (06.03)

It's just a taste, just a tease, but the dreamy "She's in the Garden" from Kansas Bible Company's upcoming Paper Moon shows that the band is drinking deep from a pool of laudable influences. Centered around the reliable tenderness of a Rhodes and leading into a horn breakout bound for who-knows-where, "She's in the Garden" sounds something like Jason Molina with a smile on his face.

The Bible Co. has a hometown show at the Beast coinciding with the release of the album on June 3, this Friday, so check out the track and then be sure to show these talented locals some love in-person style. -Austin Phy


Stone Cold Fox plays Rough Trade on 07.15 + talks about pedals on Delicious Audio

Melodic and atmospheric, Brooklyn's Cold Stone Fox boasts a sound that's multifaceted but extremely balanced. Their latest EP 'Tunnel Vision' harmoniously blends psychedelia with some of that melodic, ethereal but somewhat dark rock of the '80s (we hear a little bit of Simple Minds and The Church). The band is scheduled to perform at Rough Trade on July 15.

Check out this Delicious Audio feature about Stone Cold Fox's guitar pedals.


Swanning Album Release Show at PhilaMOCA May 31

Cynthia Ann Schemmer (Radiator Hospital) received her first guitar, at the age of thirteen, from her mother, who had always been supportive of her interests. After her passing, Cynthia lost the desire to write her own music, and found solace in playing the songs of others. However, with her debut album Drawing Down The Moon, released via Salinas Records, under the moniker Swanning, Schemmer is taking a "huge step forward" artistically and paying homage to the woman who had always believed in her abilities. Tonight, you can take part in the celebration of art and life at PhilaMOCA with Swanning's album release show. Backed by Jeff Bolt (Radiator Hospital, Swearin') on drums, Jenn Twigg (The Ambulars, Attendent, Fraktur) on bass, and Ali Donohue (Perfect Pussy, Fleabite) on guitar, Cynthia will also be supported by pals Allison Crutchfield, Littler, Dark Thoughts, and Empath. It's a family affair! PhilaMOCA, 531 N. 12th St., 7pm, $7-$10, All Ages - H.M. Kauffman


A Giant Dog Keeps Making the Best Music Videos About the Nature of Rock & Roll

A Giant Dog is a white hot indie rock and roll band right now. That, if you hadn't noticed, is pretty rare these days, when subgenre is king, and when just so much has already been done in the genre that "authentic" and "unique" are terms that instantly raise hackles. But, with new video "Sleep When Dead," which follows right on the heels of their deeply good video for "Sex & Drugs," A Giant Dog have obviously plugged right into that elusive current of pure rock and roll electricity that has always powered the real, true good stuff.

Filmed in the iconic Old Austin venue Carousel Lounge, "Sleep When Dead," like "Sex & Drugs" before it, is a sonic blast of the band's gleefully, irreverently mature take on rock and roll, depicting a troupe of veteran rock weirdos getting down like only those kind of people can, with a bit of an Ugly Duckling, the Punk Version plot thrown in.

What A Giant Dog is doing with this recent music, being rock vets themselves, is pretty awesome, and difficult. They're writing manic, thundering rock songs that are thoroughly self-conscious and make the culture and performance of the very thing they're doing in the song the subject of the song. Doing that without getting cliché, pretentious or losing the feeling of being an actually good song outside of its subject is incredibly hard.

To maintain that kind of balance, you have to be living on that edge between the wisdom and refinement of maturity and the youthful freneticism that is the spirit that rock was born of, and considering their recent output both aesthetically and in regards to subject, that sweet spot of rock is right where A Giant Dog is living, and thriving, right now. They can do that, because, as a band that's been active for 8+ years, they've seen it all, and now they're pumping that back out to you in a head-bangingly enjoyable package.

Check out the new video before, and see "Sex & Drugs" here. They're both well worth it, and will undoubtedly be stuck in your head for a good long while.


Old Maybe Record Release Show at Space 1026 May 28

Oblio, the new album from experimental lo-fi trio Old Maybe, was released yesterday via local label Apollonian Sound, and tonight, they celebrate with a performance at Space 1026. The record jars with its bouts of fits and starts. It rushes at you, then peels off, focusing on the current state of personal affairs, and then sinks into a balance of chaos and funk. Dive into the delightful disorder. Old Maybe will be joined by the similarly-minded, rousing experimentation of Hermit Thrushes, whose new LP Potsherd Gold Meadow is a set of quick-bursting tracks that are loaded with momentary, comforting bells and whistles. A pair of New York-based psych-rock outfits in Jepeto Solutions and Cloud Becomes Your Hand, whom also has a new album, Rest In Fleas, in tow, complete this All Mutable presented billing. Space 1026 (1026 Arch St.), 8pm, $7, All Ages - Michael Colavita