Indie Rock

New Track: "Mutual" - Clique

Written in the fallout of a short-lived yet impactful relationship, listen to “Mutual” the latest single from Clique. Steady surges of instrumentation pace the narrative, as the song quickly gains a guttural grip. It’s featured on the band’s forthcoming sophomore album Burden Piece which will be released via Topshelf Records on May 27. A record release show, which also includes Stove, Self Help, and Loose Tooth , will be held at Everybody Hits on June 10. (Photo by Eric Bishop)


Spit tackles life's ironies head on with bellicose sound, live at Palisades on 06.01

People respond differently to tedious daily life—some wallow while others burst out. NYC slack rockers Spit definitely fall into the latter, but do make occasional forays into the former as well. The sound on their 2015 album Dead Broke For Life can be characterized as mostly hard and up-beat, but this isn't to say their instrumentation and vocals aren't carefully crafted. Profoundly passionate lyrics and interesting guitar riffs permeate the record, with an occasional twang that makes their music stand out especially. Spit are definitely a band to look out for, and you'll be able to do so when they play Cake Shop on May 23rd and Palisades on June 1st. - Henry Solotaroff Webber


New Sun Organ / The City & I Split Available for Streaming and Purchase

Ranch has released a split cassette featuring Sun Organ and The City & I. Each band serves up an original and a cover of sorts. The emotive punk of Sun Organ deliver their spin on Sparklehorse’s “King of Nails”, while The City & I bring the welding of funk & r&b on  “What You Won’t Do For Drug” a twist on Bobby Caldwell’s “What You Won’t Do For Love”. Give it a spin and catch The City & I on a billing for Boy Lawyer, Spill, and Mumblr on June 2 at Kung Fu Necktie.  


New Track: "The Smell Of Us" - The Dove & The Wolf

The Dove & The Wolf have a new EP I Don’t Know What To Feel, which was produced by Dave Hartley (The War On Drugs, Nightlands) and Nick Krill (The Spinto Band, Teen Men). The lead single “The Smell Of Us” focuses on the duality of living within the temporarily fantasy created in intimacy, while simultaneously understanding the changing tides of reality. Those complex thoughts are delivered in a percussively snappy breezy pop daydream. Catch their record release, which also includes Jesse Hale Moore, June 15 at Johnny Brenda’s. 


Nervous Dater releases 'A Hundred Beers' EP at Shea Stadium tonight (05.19)

The members of Nervous Dater are originally from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida, and Colombia, but they currently each reside in a different borough of New York. The quartet bonded over a mutual love for Domino's pizza, Rick & Morty, and obscenity. The perfect formula for a marvelous band!Their latest EP, 'A Hundred Bees' was just released on May 13th, and while they’ve only been a band for just over a year, it shows a moture and confident sound. The group’s brand of indie rock features a blend of emo and punk tendencies; Rachel Lightner's vocals have an upbeat and sweet tone to them even when the issue tackled in the song is how happy people make her sick. Her poignant lyrics give the listener more to relish than just a catchy beat, and make their music all the more relatable. Nervous Dater will be playing Shea Stadium on May 19th in with two excellent Philly bands Thin Lips and Hurry. Check out the A Hundred Bees below!