Imperial Triumphant bring their experimental metal to Trans Pecos on 8.19

Over the years metal and its sub genres have progressed and increased in complexity thanks to the inspiration from bands such as The Dillinger Escape Plan, Napalm Death, Deathspell Omega, and Meshuggah. New York’s Imperial Triumphant draw on the experimentation of these artists for inspiration to blend black metal with classical, death metal, and psychedelic influences. Their latest full length Abyssal Gods is a dark and innovative album that uses well-crafted compositions to take the metal sound in new directions. The record's message focuses on the eventual extinction of mankind, which is rather appropriate, since the album's eerie mood would be the perfect soundtrack to the apocalypse. The group's drummer Alex Cohen wields a manic and diverse style of playing, due to his background in jazz, that is the backbone of their sound. In the record, Imperial Triumphant fearlessly pushes the envelop in every song with carefully crafted guitar tones, uniquely arranged piano pieces, complex tempo alternations, angular sections borrowed from math rock, and overall outstanding production values - this is a brutal record that's actually easy on the ears. Those enjoyng this kind of music shouldn't miss their show at Trans Pecos on August 19th! - John Honan


PDX Pop Now Day 3 - What to Expect

 PDX Pop Now's 2016 festival weekend is coming to a close and with its posted lineup, it'll be ending on a high note. Youth bands Fossa Club and the Living Skins open up this sunny Sunday, leading into the blowing up and of Blowout.

Cilantro will be offering a more worldly spice, followed up by a lively punked fueled performance from Bobby Peru.

Deli Portland favorites A Volcano, Force Publique and Cat Hoch have slots on the closing day, along with experimental noise act Consumer, who shared his spontaneous sounds on the PDX Pop segment featured on KATU.

Renaissance Coalition breakout artist Maze Koroma will spit some mad flows just before one of Portland's current biggest bands Summer Cannibals closes out this year's fest just before the 10 o' clock hour.

This year's PDX Pop Now festival was one of the best to date, with an outstanding turnout backing one of the most diverse lineups in its history. It'll be exciting to see what the non-profit has up its sleeve next.



King Beez were formed all the way back in 2007 by Matt Groopie. They started in Thornhill, Ontario and now are mostly seen hanging around the Toronto scene. They offer metal influenced surf rock. You'll be knockin back drinks and shaking your behind when these black n' yellow clad fellas hit the stage. They will be part of the latest Surf VS Rockabilly Night at Cherry Cola's on Thursday July 21 along with Treblemen and Calrizians. Doors at 9 and only 5 bucks before 10. - Kris Gies


Brooklyn grindcore band Mary Todd to Play St. Vitus on 7.17

Combining traditional grindcore with math rock shredding and a strong death metal sensibility, Mary Todd delivers explosive tracks that never leave the listener in one place for long. Climbing bass lines are pitted against complex guitar riffs, often threatening to drop off into total musical mayhem, but in a single swift motion, seamlessly return to navigating tightly through the tracks. Check them out for what can only be a face-melting set at St. Vitus on 7/17/16 opening for Old Lines and Prisoner- Olivia Sisinni


Moon Tooth releases debut album and plays St. Vitus on 07.25

Chromaparagon, the first full length release from Long Island prog metal band Moon Tooth, features 12 high energy tracks that grip the listener with talons, and never pauses to let go. A rollicking album that never indulges for too long in any one particular (sub)genre, Chromaparagon is a powerful tour de force that not once feels tired or over-explored. Fans of stoner, doom, math rock, thrash, and prog metal will all be able to find something in this record, whose controlled chaos borders dangerously on virtuosic. The band's raw talent on the recording is only matched by their live performances, so check them out opening for Intronaut at St. Vitus on 7/24 and Amityville Music Hall on July 25th. - Olivia Sisinni