HORMOANS Grind And Sweat Through The Holidays

 God damn, do I ever love HORMOANS.

I first listened to the Toronto based 3 piece rock band sometime before they released their new album, Slander, earlier this year. Time has only made their sound harder, grungier and overall better than I could have imagined. They combine the sounds of punk with classic alternative and just a hint of upbeat surf to make a sound that truly resonates and makes you want to bop your head to it. If you haven’t already listened to Slander, you absolutely have to at least listen to “Made of Stone” and “Crowbar”, two of my favourite tracks off the album that showcase the variety and smooth mixing of styles of Hormoans that remind me of bands like The Distillers or even Pavement. Punchy drum beats, upbeat and catchy guitar riffs peppered with some really smooth bass lines make this whole album a gem in my books. Make sure to listen to Slander and their 2013 album, Millar.

Mike B



Get hardcore for the cause

When it comes to Portland's underground hardcore scene, the kids turn out, turn up and get rowdy. All in good fun, though. Our punky paradise, Black Water, will be staging the likes of Young Turks, Unrestrained, Raw Nerves, Frontflip, and a yet to be announced band for the sake of a good cause. On top of being a great excuse to circle pit, the show on Saturday, December 12th is doubling as an adoption fundraiser to help a local family expand. 

Tickets are $10 and the shows at 8pm. Click the link above to learn more about the cause and see how you can help bring that little boy to his new home!

-Cervante Pope


That Candor

That Candor is a new swing-punk band featuring Alex Munson, Day Munson, and Blake Jarman. The released their first single this week, a track that would give Squirrel Nut Zippers a run for their money, "That Swing".


DeerGod Helping To Raise Hopes; Show Off "Still Coming" EP

 DeerGod sure help get the blood pumping. Their “Still Coming” album is fill to the brim of blasting drums, searing guitar leads, pure poison lyrics and energy in spades. The opening track is an ambient noise opening that swells into Beggar’s Canyon, which kicks the doors wide open. From the mile-a-minute assault of raw punk rock, to the dreamy, ambient groove of Trees and Nimbus Break keep every second of new music fresh, never doing what you’ll predict they’ll do. DeerGod are playing their last show of the year on Dec 19 at Wasted Space in Oshawa, for a benefit gig to raise funds for PFLAG; Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. I can’t think of a better way to raise money for a good cause.

 Cody W


Providence's Sensitive Hearts plays AS220 on Saturday (12/12)

A few months ago, Providence-based act Sensitive Hearts released some pleasantly sensual demos. While the song "Who Is He" is an electronica-oriented piece of skipping beats and percussive pings, the punk-inflected track "I'll Hold Your Hand" (streaming below) shows the genteel-voiced artist in an antsier manner, his vocals practically punching their way towards love. Damon Albarn's melancholic solo debut 'Everyday Robots' may be an influence on these songs but, as its name shows, Sensitive Hearts has an deep emotional artfulness that makes it fresh. Sensitive Hearts plays AS220 in Providence, Rhode Island on Saturday (12/12). - Zach Weg