NXNE: June 17-21 2015

NXNE: Deli List, Here are our favorites!!

WED JUNE 17@The Painted Lady

Big Lonely

Teen Violence

WED JUNE 17@Coalition T.O.

Bike Thiefs

Catholic Girls

WED JUNE 17@Danforth Music Hall


WED JUNE 17@The Opera House


WED JUNE 17@The Horseshoe

Blonde Elvis

For Esmé


WED JUNE 17@Lee's Palace





WED JUNE 17@The Drake

Prince Innocence



WED JUNE 17@Bovine Sex Club

Mad Ones


WED JUNE 17@Handlebar

Murder Murder


WED JUNE 17@The Garrison



WED JUNE 17@The Silver Dollar

The Corsets


Thursday June 18@The Horseshoe

Fake Palms

Bad Channels



Thursday June 18@Handlebar


Thursday June 18@The Opera House

Odonis Odonis


Thursday June 18@Smiling Buddha



Thursday June 18@The Cavern

Seraphic Lights


Thursday June 18@Silver Dollar

Comet Control



Thursday June 18@The Garrison

Wrong Hole




Friday June 19@The Garrison



Friday June 19@Lee's Palace

Fresh Snow


Friday June 19@Adelaide Hall

Zoo Owl


Friday June 19@Smiling Buddha



Friday June 19@The Silver Dollar

Dilly Dally

Pet Sun


Saturday June 20@The Bovine Sex Club



Saturday June 20@The Handlebar



Saturday June 20@Rivoli 

Sun K


Saturday June 20@The Silver Dollar

Mexican Slang


Dirty Frigs


Saturday June 20@Adelaide Hall


Das Rad


Saturday June 20@The Garrison

Darlene Shrugg

Michael Rault

Bile Sister


Show Review: Vexx with The Cigarette Burns and Chemos

When asked what venue best represents the Portland punk music scene your first thought probably isn’t Black Water bar, but if you want to find the heart of punk music, Black Water is the place to be. That was especially true on May 23rd with Vexx, Chemos and The Cigarette Burns.

The Cigarette Burns started the show in a frenzy, each of their songs louder than the last, proof of entropy in action. That being said their set wasn’t gimmicky, which is a true display of how much they’ve grown in the year they’ve been together. Their sound has become more refined, growing more authentic, powerful, and driven with each show. Erik’s stage performance is feral and absolutely hypnotizing, drawing the crowd in, reminding everyone what it’s like to be young, and since The Cigarette Burns inception each member has only gotten better, growing steadily more technical and confident.

Building on the same chaotic energy of The Cigarette Burns, Chemos took the stage, showing off an array of simple and fast-paced songs that the crowded audience at Black Water seemed into. Chemos is fresh to the Portland music scene and despite being able to get the crowd moving, hopefully they can further define their sound as they continue playing together. Punk music isn’t known for its carefulness of craft, for refinement, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have a uniqueness or clarity of voice.

That being said, Chemos ended their set by trashing their drum kit, turning the stage to rubble, so maybe that kind of don’t-care attitude is all they need to keep pulling in crowds.

Vexx however, is completely set apart from their peers because their music stands alone without any showmanship added to it. Their intentionality in songwriting permeates every part of their music. This is especially true in songs like “Stress” or “Clairvoyant” where rhythms build out of chaos and melodic guitar hooks snake themselves out of the tumult. Singer Maryjane Duphne, who is nothing if not unpredictable, personifies all of this. Sure, a singer can pitch themselves into the crowd, drop to their knees or writhe right off the stage, and everyone in the audience will be totally into it, but when Maryjane sings she wanders into an otherworld and she invites you to follow her, trance-like into the hysteria.

You can check out Vexx’s new release, “Give and Take” here:

-Sarah Eaton




Mexican Slang @ the Garrison TONIGHT

Muy Bueno. If you like your rock n roll mean, sleazy, noisy and edgy, you’ve found home. Mexican Slang pounds out cavernous, beautiful tunes driven by reckless sludgy guitar and garage-rock drums, with sickly sweet Annabelle's vocals front and centre for the whole ride. The energy and the grime of their A-side “Fever” paired with the erie pulse of “Goatlord” makes for a quick and dirty tumble through 5 minutes of adrenaline and attitude. There doesn’t seem to be any one defining influence over these three, other than a strong love for fuzztones and brevity, getting the point across loud, proud, and in a hurry. You can catch them in their all their distorted glory at The Garrison, Saturday June 6th. -Cody Wright


BRNDA gets "serious" in their new single and will play a home show at Above The Bayou 6/15

Stop goofing around. You may know BRNDA as that friendly post-punk quartet that likes blowing up balloons, singing to apple queens and carefree manatees, and parrot fronted metal, but they can totally beat you up (ok, or give you a stern talking to). These self-proclaimed snack core rockers are “a serious band from Washington DC”. If you don’t believe me, listen to their latest single “Serious Band”, in which they make this themesong-like claim maybe 20 times. If you’re wondering, why so serious? Well they also claim to be quite angry! Why so angry? They yell out “Alex Kozen!” (the group’s vocalist/guitarist) a few times. We’re not exactly sure what that guy did, but theoretically there are plenty of reasons to be angry at any given moment in the life of an ethically aware human being. Ease up, these buds have been on a super tour with Teen Mom but they’ll be back to play a home show at Above The Bayou on 6/15 with Pupppy, O-Face, and Swings.

-Leora Mandel


The BallRoom Babies @ the Lazy Flamingo

The Ballroom Babies are a 3 piece rock outfit made of 3 brothers. Steve, Mike and Nathan Collucci from Mississauga, Ontario. All 3 are seasoned musicians having graduated from Humber College's Music Program. At one point they all separate bands but have come to the conclusion to "never go against the family". They released their first album "Change to Silver" in 2013. Its all cohesive rock n roll with an edge. I particularly like the title track from the album. It starts off with a slow drum beat and a tight chord progression that leads into a dreamy chorus with vocals cut from a Scott Weiland cloth. By the end of the tune it all makes sense...and you're rocking out. Have a listen....you can see the Ballroom Babies Wednesday June 3rd @ the Lazy Flamingo in Hamilton. -Kris"Big City"Gies