The Writing Squares Opening for NYMPH at Everybody Hits June 5

Hard-churning, covering large expanse, pushing the cosmic pedal to the floor, and hitting an array of spaces, The Writhing Squares' sonic shape is an interesting one. Stepping into Everybody Hits this evening, the duo fuses psych and free jazz in a fuzzy, deep-diving union. Finding rhythmic footing while integrating textured openings, it’s a world that’s accessible yet adventurous. Tonight’s show also features the twisting, territorial, out-there jams of Igneous Eyes and the enchanting psych/shoegazing daydream of Myrrias. The joyous, wandering jazz-psych combination of Brooklyn’s NYMPH completes this headie night. Everybody Hits, 529 W. Girard Ave., 8:30pm, All Ages - Michael Colavita


What Moon Things readies "Someone Who Isn't Me" LP release + plays Sunnyvale on 6/4

In their latest singles, “17” and “Party Down the Street,” Brooklyn-based band, What Moon Things blend elements of synth pop, post punk and shoegaze, while maintaining subtle melancholic undertones.  Their lyrics read like nostalgic poetry, accompanied by raw guitar riffs and the even rawer voices of John Morisi and Jake Harms.  “17” and “Party Down the Street” giveus a taste their upcoming full length, “Someone Who Isn’t Me,” set to be released on July 15th, 2016. From the sound of it, it looks like it's going to be a little bit more pop-oriented than their previous releases.  The band is playing several New York shows before the album drops, the soonest one being June 4th at Sunnyvale. - Madeleine Grossman 


The Deli Philly's June Record of the Month: Collective Sigh - Pinkwash

Solemn resonance slides the door open to “No Real Witness,” the opening track from Pinkwash’s debut album, Collective Sigh. The much-anticipated LP from the prog-punk combination of Joey Doubek and Ashley Arnwine is available via Don Giovanni Records, and takes little time to develop its emotively-charged release, as the unrelenting battering of percussion unites with those eerie key/synth tones, uncorking the aggression. And with a surge, “Metastatic” jumps out with a sense of controlled high-speed rhythm. The guitar riff and percussion weave in a tightly bound flow, giving way in moments to Doubek’s soaring, lingering vocal outcry. The deep stemming personal feel and weight of his lyrics are thrust forward as the instruments smash ahead.
The instantaneous groove of “Gumdrop” surrounds you in a steady power-exuding bounce. The kinetic energy is infectious as that locked-in guitar pattern and pummeling snap of percussion mesmerizes, and Doubek delivers a set of serious-toned yet matter-of-factly-delivered lines: “Feeling of going down, shot to the ground, you’ll have to put me down”. Keys slice through that hypnotic attack like a bright, omen-echoing light.
The album takes a moment to breathe as “inhale, exhale” is methodically repeated in “Sigh,” while anticipating the foreboding guitar that emerges gradually from the background, with an upper-cutting sledgehammer of sludgy instrumentation. “Walk Forward With My Eyes Closed” - much like the rest of album - appears to hit on the pain and grief of deep and profound loss. That musical push toward coping is surrounded by the encompassing walls of heavy sonics that gather momentum as Doubek musters up strength. “I’ll walk forward with my eyes closed.”
With a thunder-smashing yet deeply personal side, Collective Sigh etches its message at the core, transforming the power of grief into a heavy-hitting memorable display of emotion. - Michael Colavita


Debut CLOAKZ EP Available for Streaming & Download

CLOAKZ is a new project from Zachary Ciancaglini, who also drums for NYC-based Raccoon Fighter. It started from demos that he recorded on his phone in-between sessions at a studio in Brooklyn, which caught the attention of producer Alex Lipsen (Headgear Recording). Here is CLOAKZ's debut EP Semi-Autographic; he has also been working on putting together a backing band from Philly's deep pool of talented musicians so keep an eye out for Ciancaglini and friends to pop up on a bill at your favorite venue or get in touch if you play and like what you hear.


Pink Mexico unveils fiery new track "Buzz Kill", new full-length due out 6.24

It begins with an almost-inert drone and just goes off! That's the blistering new track by Pink Mexico, "Buzz Kill", a fiery scorcher that fires all cylinders with uncompromising guitar fuzz. The Robert Preston-led project has found a new home with Burger for their upcoming full-length fool, which promises loads of humorous self-depreciation set against genuinely confident songwriting.