The Deli Philly's Featured Artist(s) Poll Winner: Camp Candle

After originally backing another artist in 2012, Camp Candle, the psych-pop combination of Nu-Ra and Hetepsa, knew that they would "need to make music together! As a duo!" Drawing inspiration from all that surrounds them, with specific nods to Michael Jackson and the music genres of shoegaze, dream pop, post-punk and new wave, the band is steadily finding its voice and sculpting its own sound one single at a time. Hopefully, someday, Nu-Ra's plan to perform in every major venue in Philly will come true, and before that happens, you can get the inside scoop about Camp Candle, our most recent Deli Philly Featured Artist(s) Poll Winner HERE.


Ahleuchatistas Black Spirituals IMA and Tonal Masher Play Starline Social Club - 5/26

We´re intensely excited about the upcoming line up at Oakland´s Starline Social Club on May 26th. If you´re a music listener who is always on the look out for a unique live music experience, this show is the event to catch:

Oakalnd´s BLACK SPIRITUALS is a collaboration between two soloists who have found a new platform for the intersection of tone-generating electronic technology and the heart-thumping technology of acoustic percussion. This duet features a new tradition in conversant, duo vernacular dynamics that sparked a revolution in our conceptions of space, stage, ritual, performance, geography, praxis, brotherhood, relationships, rockin’ out and more. AHLEUCHATISTAS (Asheville NC) is guitarist Shane Parish and drummer Ryan Oslance on a musical odyssey of pure imagination, limitless in influences, combining tight-knit composition with improvisation, and delivering powerful live shows. The project was founded in 2002 and has evolved organically as the muse leads through the creative sonic continuum… 

IMA [ii-ma] 今. 瞬間: the electro-percussion duo of Amma Ateria and Nava Dunkelman explores distortions of time and handling of the ever present moment through restraint and release. Their array of metallic nature march forth with space expanding densities to brinks of breakage, situated to be caressed by the beautification of spaces in between. IMA have performed and collaborated with avant garde pioneers such as John Zorn, Fred Frith, Ikue Mori, and many others. TONAL MASHER is the solo electroacoustic project of Aram Shelton. By removing the mouthpiece and reed, Shelton explores a different aspect of a 1937 Conn alto saxophone. Starting with feedback generated via saxophone, microphone and amplifier, Shelton uses nontraditional fingerings to coax an instrument specific set of tones from the vintage horn. The resultant music features patient polyphony from a generally monophonic instrument, and highlights the percussive aspects of the saxophone via key clicks and pad thumps.


Tribal Post Rock powerhouse Tigue plays Baby's All Right (5.12) and Le Poisson Rouge (5.13)

Ohio natives Matt Evans, Carson Moody, and Amy Garapic made their way over to Brooklyn a few years back, forming Tigue in 2012. Now, Tigue is not your typical band. With their conservatory precision instrumentals, Tigue's sound lies somewhere between post rock band and... tribal ensemble? It’s music teeming with energy. Their most recent album, 2015's 'Peaks,' presents itself as a single work divided into eight compositionally complex sections that seamlessly move in and out of each other. Ranging from percussion focused tracks, to droney ruminations, and instrumental indie rock tracks, Tigue carves out a niche corner for themselves in the ever expanding Brooklyn music scene. Catch their energetic performance tonight (05.12) at Baby’s All Right and tomorrow (05.13) at Le Poisson Rouge.


Video Premiere: Tired of Tomorrow (Nothing Documentary - Part VI)

In the final episode of Nothing's six-part documentary for the making of Tired of Tomorrow, we find the band hungover but in good spirits as the guys make their way to sign a new contract with Relapse Records. The feelings of joy and relief are short-lived as we learn about tragedy hitting home for frontman Domenic Palermo. In the world of Nothing and all our lives, light and darkness go hand in hand.

"Without sounding so terribly cliche, that's what life is, especially to me... a whole lot of pain and punishment mixed with like times that you can - you know - inspire from that punishment and create something that matters to some people that might - you know - help somebody out that's feeling that way down the line or have it mean absolutely nothing like most things do."

The LP Tired of Tomorrow will be officially out worldwide tomorrow via Relapse Records. Nothing will also be in the UK performing at Rough Trade East, but you can join them for their hometown record release show on Friday, July 8 at Union Transfer with Mary Lattimore & Jeff Zeigler, Citizen, and Culture Abuse.


Trish Keenan Duo Dives Into the Abyss at W/N W/N May 6

A folksy, echoing, psychedelic ambiance persists as one dives into the abyss better known as the sonic waves of Trish Keenan Duo. While the layers envelop a somewhat eerie, meditative state, the music constructs itself. Not so distant vibrations shake off the baggage of the everyday, allowing the internal speculations to temporarily rise to the surface as they seek illumination. The multi-faceted, electro-noise pop combination of Flesh Prince and the rich elusive instrumental tunes of R.R. Perkins help to mold this evening at W/N W/N. With a freshly released album Trix Shadow Yogurt, the industrial experimentation of Baltimore’s Kryz Kniv completes this lineup of sonic manipulators. W/N W/N, 931 Spring Garden St., 8pm, All Ages - Michael Colavita