Cindy Latin honors life's simple pleasures in new single "5 More Minutes"

So good to see the hard-working—and ever-soulful—Cindy Latin continuing to churn out velvety jazz singles dripping with the vulnerability-strength duality she balances so well. “5 More Minutes” is an honest confession of love, an ode to the simple pleasures that are best shared with a special someone. Latin’s rich blend of sonorous brass instrumentation, soft electric guitar riffs, and, of course, her ever-enchanting vocals is the perfect sonic brew for those mornings foggy with melancholic memories and bright hopes. Taking the best elements of late ‘90s R&B and modern alt-soul, Latin scores again. We cheers to Latin’s work ethic, and as always, we wish her a great 2020 to come. Stream “5 More Minutes” below for a smooth start to your week. - Rene Cobar, photo by Michal Augustini


Andrew Robert Palmer "Beer & A Borrowed Pen"

Andrew Robert Palmer has released a new album called "Beer & A Borrowed Pen". These are stripped down drinking songs that were recorded in a way that feels raw, intimate, and a lot of fun.


Emma Charles drops home-video inspired clip for "Connecticut"

Emma Charles continues to rise up the ranks of singer-songwriter notoriety in the LA area with the release of her new EP Connecticut, as well as the video for its title track. On "Connecticut", Charles uses her 2019 road trip from her home state of Connecticut to Los Angeles as an allegory for transitioning from the familiar to the unfamiliar, the comfortable to the unknown. The video for the track shows Charles as a child in many of her family's home videos, but it ends with the present-day singer-songwriter smiling, showcasing her readiness to go forth into whatever comes next for her. Billboard named Charles a Best Emerging Artist of 2020, and NOW That's What I Call Music named her a What's Next artist, an honor given previously to acts such as Shawn Mendes and Billie Eilish. Take a look at the video for "Connecticut" below. - Will Sisskind


Sara Melson takes it easy in new video for "State Of Ease"

Fans of Kate Bush's more mellow work will find something to love in Sara Melson's new track "State of Ease". Melson, a songwriter and actress, shines on her new single, marked by her airy vocals and the meditative backing track simple piano chords and echoing drums. The video comes rife with drone shots of Melson standing atop a cliff above the ocean, letting the wind whip at her dress and hair and watching the waves of the water roll up to the shore in the sunset. It's a mellow track that will help you find a relaxing start to your day or week; check out the video for "State of Ease" below. - Will Sisskind


Talker drops new emo-pop lush video for "Suck Up"

Celeste Tauchar has ramped up musical output under the Talker moniker over the past several months; with the music video for the new single "Suck Up", that tornado of activity continues with mercy. Tauchar's addictive emo-pop shines in the new song, the lyrics of which discuss identity, self-reflection, and self-worth. The music video shows Tauchar in various facets of her identity, taking us from the rock star to the shy person alone at a party to the person trapped in a flurry of colorful lights and inexplicable emotion. "Suck Up" will appear on Talker's new EP Wax, which drops next month. Take a look at the music video for "Suck Up" below. - Will Sisskind