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Elsewhere Zone One

Claire Bryant @ Elbo Room (1/5)

2018 saw the emergence of many of strong, soulful, dynamic female artists, and one that may have not received the attention she deserves is Claire Bryant. She released her album, Somebody New, back in July, and through out the albums effortlessly blends R&B, Funk, and soul with lyrics that present someone who has fun, but is always in control.

Lake Shore Dive posted a fun video interview with Claire this week that you can check out below.

You can catch Claire Bryant on January 5th at Elbo Room.



A band we missed in 2018 is the soulful group call Holly,. This is Tanner Bednar and Brandon Couture, formerly of The Reverends, with Dominic Zeier (Bass) and Rafe Soto (Drums). Back in September, the group released their debut album, Letter from Lawndale, and the fun video below the album’s lead single, “Pull Me In”.


Sedona gives otherworldly debut & plays Elsewhere 01.25

Singer/songwriter Rachel Stewart is bringing her dreams to life in a very literal sense with her new project, Sedona. The debut of her first single “Call Me Up” was paired with an accompanying video (below) that paints this artist’s music into a dreamlike world—one that apparently consists of ornate fairy tree houses and vast woodlands. And what would a dream world be without setting yourself in it as a hit television sensation? Suddenly, Stewart’s enchanted fairy den becomes surreal as her character watches Sedona’s flirty pop music video on an vintage TV screen. The whole approach is DIY and otherworldly, which basically encapsulates the heart of this artist’s songwriting. Stewart’s methodology walks the line of escapism, with the intention of her music being to take you somewhere else, or at least a bit further from the reality you’re in. And this was just Sedona’s debut. Since then, she’s released the soulful single, “Same Sky” and has made plans to put out an audiovisual EP titled Home Before Dawn by this summer. Check out the music video for Sedona’s “Call Me Up” below don’t miss her playing live at Elsewhere 01.25. - Rebecca Carroll



PROM D8 has their self-titled debut EP, and it is wild blend of Hip Hop, Soul, R&B, and insanity.

This primarily the work of Lizzie Zhang (L2K), Slade Warnken (Slade.Antonia), Alejandro Paredes, and Gavrie Smellhorse (2006IX). They also dropped a mixtape last month in advance of their debut that is almost equally as good.