New Music Video: "Oversteeped" - Littler

While Littler might have officially gone on hiatus this past summer, the band has shed some light at the end of the tunnel with their new music video for "Oversteeped". The single is off the four-piece's upcoming EP Bad Hands, which was produced by Swearin's Kyle Gilbride and is slated for release in 2017. The group's latest video was shot on 16mm film by Kenny Suleimanagich, and directed by Dylan Hansen-Fliedner. Guitarist Dan Colanduno spends a day at the shore, and makes a serious effort to protect himself from those harmful UV rays. (Photo by Emily Burtner)


NYC Record of the Month: Show Me The Body - 'Body War'

After - quite literally - storming the local DIY scene with their super tense live shows and a borderline insane debut EP, this past summer the trio of NYC natives Show Me the Body released their debut album 'Body War,' a ten track, electric banjo driven sonic assault that manages to successfully blend post-hardcore, industrial, math rock and hip hop. The album inserts itself in the lineage of hybrid punk releases that includes seminal records by Fugazi and Rage Against the Machine, but maintains a level of rawness and desperation neither of those bands ever managed to convey. (This makes us wonder if that's what a few decades spent in NYC's "less trendy" neighborhoods does to kids...). Intriguingly, unlike most post-hardcore acts, Show Me The Body isn't afraid to slow down the tempo ('Death Sounds 2'), or even give up the drums entirely every now and then ('Honesty Hour'), which opens up sonic space for sound experimentation and even textural moments, like in 'Chrome Exposed.' The quieter sections also allow for a greater contrast when the instrumental explosion eventually arrives, taking the '90s rock loud/quit/loud idea to its extreme. But the most effective tracks are the ones where the band's signature tension finds an (explosive) release, like title-track. 

This is the record most NYC kids involved in the vital, seminal, local DIY scene - and in all likelihood, most rock critics too - will remember years from now. It’s a record we think is destined to inspire many young, offbeat musicians - from underground, where so many NYC scene gems are buried.


New Queen Jesus EP Available for Streaming & Purchase

There is an enjoyable ease found in the latest EP from Queen Jesus, Tar Ranch. Now, we're not exactly sure if the "tar" in the title is a reference to heroin (with the pill on the cover possibly representing its pharmaceutical equivalent - oxycontin), but the languid five-song album feels awfully fitting to zone out to under the influence of the powerful opiates. Or maybe, our minds are generally just hardwired towards drugs. Whatever the case might be; Tar Ranch, which was recorded and mixed by Matt Schimelfenig, is an impressive sophomore release from the Philly quintet, and it will be available on cassette via Uncle Rats. Queen Jesus are also celebrating their release this Thursday, November 10 at The Storefront with DARK MTNS, Nina Ryser, and Madalean Gauze.


denitia and sene to release 'love and noir' LP at Mercury Lounge on 11/18

Back in 2013, when they released their his and hers LP, denitia and sene was one of The Deli's most written about artists (heck, we even booked them at our 2013 electronic CMJ stage!). We simply couldn't get enough of the singer/producer pair's obscure yet very poiginant electro-RnB. Three years later, the pair is back with a new album titled love and noir, and judging from the two singles, "favourite." and "Open Wide,"  the record should be as richly textured and spell-binding as the group's first full length. "Open Wide" has a glitchy, industrial beat with distorted synth glissandos and robotic backup vocals that clash perfectly with denitia's pristine vocals. With "Favourite," on the other hand, less is truly more. Denitia's vocals and lovesick lyrics carry the track, occasionally aided by a horn blast and modulated synths. It's a song of few elements, sure, but each is crafted, curated and utilised to its fullest extent. Catch the duo live at Mercury Lounge on 11/18 for their release party. — Henry Solotaroff-Webber


YIKES the ZERO Album Release Show at KFN Nov. 5

Celebrating his latest album, The Animal Box, released via local label Extra Lovely Records, YIKES the ZERO steps into a late evening affair at Kung Fu Necktie. Riding wide-ranging experimental beats that encompass electro, psych, jazz, etc., YIKES drops the gauntlet on the spectrum of hip hop, shifting between the drama of cinematic tones - the dial-tuning merger of juxtaposing genres and transmissions from another galaxy. A pair of local emcees (whom he collaborated with on the single “Gauntlet”) in the eloquent, white-hot experimentations of Raj Haldar, a.k.a. Lushlife (providing a DJ set), and like-minded labelmate Stainless Steele (whose album, Escapism, was produced by another of tonight’s performers Josh Hey) will be joining in the festivities. And crisscrossing between electro-folk-R&B among others, the upbeat vibes of Tamar Dart, a.k.a. Little Strike, will also aid in fortifying this late-burning night. Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 N. Front St., 11pm, $6, 21+ - Michael Colavita