Mia Joy "12th house stelluim"

Mia Joy recently released a collection of demos she has recorded over the last three years since the release of her debut EP, "Gemini Moon". This EP, called "12th house stelluim", is a collection of LoFi bedroom recordings that beautifully explore the world and space that Mia has been in over the last three years. She is releasing this to clear the air and begin to welcome in a new era of music for her and her band in 2021.

As we enjoy the sounds in this collection we eagerly look forward to the next phase in the Mia Joy journey.


Simply Having a Wonderful Compilation

Some of Chicago's finest are featured on a new festive compilation, Simply Having a Wonderful Compliation, from Father/Daughter Records and Wax Nine including Tasha, Melkbelly, Ohmme, and KAINA.

The entire collection is a holiday gem, but our favorite has to be Ohmme's take on the polarizing classic "Wonderful Christmastime".


Lyn Rye "Edgewalker"

Bassist and Vocalist Lyn Rye has released a live EP called "Edgewalker". The five songs featured on the album were record on three different continents with eleven different musicians but feel very cohesive behind the strong songwriting and vocals of Rye.

Below is a video of the EP's opening performance of "Rugova" captured live at Grand Manor here in Chicago.


Flight 328 "Omnipotent"

Flight 328 has released EP filled with Synths, Christmas melodies, and '80's aesthetic called "Omnipotent". This is the work of the duo of Austin Deadman and Joshua Freddy with a vocal contribution from Kyle Fredricks on "Silent Night" and an outstanding Sax performance from Trevor Hill on "Noel".


Arthhur "X​-​Mas Wrapping"

Arthhur has released a festive split single with Jetsetter and featured contribution from Audrey from Upstairs. Their contribution is a fairly traditional cover of The Waitresses' 1981 classic "Christmas Wrapping". The b-side is an original composition from the electronic music producer Jetsetter called "LDB". Both tracks are fun, festive, and ready to get you dancing around your Christmas as you prepare to open presents this year.