Ester "Merry Lil Christmas"

Ester has released a collection of Christmas covers called "Merry Lil Christmas". This is the group lead by Anna Holmquist and featuring Katelyn Cohen, Chris Colson, Raul Cotaquispe, and Chris Harris. These covers of classic Christmas tunes are stripped down, straightforward, and a wonderful addition to any holiday playlist.

Holmquist has also been doing fantastic work hosting one of our favorite podcasts of 2020, "Bad Songwriter". If you have not been listening you have a lot of great episodes to catch up on including the most recent interview with Cordoba's Cam Cunningham.


Cado San "lonelyboydream"

Producer/Vocalist Cado San has released a new EP called "lonelyboydream". The six song collection features contributions from syren, nintendro94, and kou. Below is the HommeSeen created video for "Trynna Plz".


Liv Strange "People Are Strange"

Liv Strange has released her debut single, "People Are Strange", which is a cover of the classic song by The Doors. The cover was produced by Svend “The Dane” Lerche and is accompanied by a video that created by Liv & Emma Reyes.

When asked why she chose this song to cover, Liv had this to day; "I decided to cover 'People Are Strange' because I've always been enamored by the oddities of the 'average' individual; the hidden secrets and twisted mind of your next door neighbor. We are all strange in our own way. In knowing that, it can either keep us connected to our personal freedom or burdened by its ghastly shadow,"


Hobbyist "Neon"

Hobbyist has released a heartbreaking video for the latest single, "Neon", from their latest album, Side Fx, which was released back in May. The video finds one half of the duo, Holly Prindle, masked up and slowly exploring the shut down spaces around the city.

The video is an effort to bring awareness to the Save Our Stages movement and support small music venues affected by Covid-19.


Will Is Chillin' "86"

Rapper Will Is Chillin' has released his second mixtape of 2020, "86". This collection features production from the likes of Josh Grant, Tommy Bazooka, Defmute, and Loupo.

He also dropped a video last week for the track "Skeletons" from the EP, "Loitering", which was released back in May.