Joseph Chilliams "Wishlist"

Joseph Chilliams has released a new single and video called "Wishlist". The track features contributions from Sen Morimoto and Adam Ness, and it is a festive, humous take on classic '90's R&B/Boy Band track.

The B-Side to "Wishlist" is a fantastic, and much more serious, new song called "Azura" featuring an outstanding chorus from New York's FIG. The song is filled the guilt and what if's that come after to losing a friend to drugs.

Chilliams is a member of Pivot Gang, but has shown with these songs and his previous EP, "The Plastics", that he can absolutely stand tall on his own.


Soh Darling "Twin Bed"

Soulful vocalist Soh Darling has released her latest EP, "Twin Bed", which comes after spending the last few year touring with Noname and her own group idesia. This is the pairing of two outstanding singles, “Where to,” and “Stargazer”, and is accompanied by the Kelsey Boncato animated video below.


Video Premiere: Reality Anonymous "Orange Explosion"

We are proud to be premiering the video for the debut single, "Orange Explosion", from Reality Anonymous. The single comes from the group's debut album The Ghost Host, Vol. 1, which will be released by the DC label Night World Records on Tuesday, Jan 5.

This is latest project from the now Chicago-based musician Lyn Vaus who has spent time in Boston, DC, and L.A. over the years. This first album from Reality Anonymous features contributions from Rob Myers (Thievery Corporation), Alex Rowney (Soft Candy), and Kenthany Redmond (Kenthany Redmond's Infrared Quintet).


Young Man in a Hurry "A Blue and Red Taxi and Bernie"

Young Man in a Hurry has released a video for the fifth single, "A Blue and Red Taxi and Bernie", from their debut album, Jarvis.

Lead singer and songwriter Matt Baron co-wrote this song with Grandmother, Dee, near the end of her life about his Grandfather.

Baron has this to say about the song and video; "The lyrics are about what it might be like to reconvene with a long-lost love on the other side, either physical or astral. The video subtly explores the idea of how we’re always trying to go somewhere new, and when we get there, we’re just there".


Avery Springer "Earlybird"

Avery Springer of Retirement Party has released a new solo single called "Earlybird". This is Springer's second single of 2020 following up "Jackson", which was released back in October.

The single is accompanied by the fun self-directed video below.