Robot Beach

This is Versailles released a video today for "Robot Beach" from their debut self-titled EP (aka "Crown and Hatchets" EP) which was released in November 2009. The band is releasing their second self-titled EP this Friday (9/3) at the Empty Bottle, where the band will play with The Poison Arrows and Follows.


From Our Open Blog: Aleks Eva @ Empty Bottle

ALEKS of Aleks and the Drummer is now performing as ALEKS EVA with Icy Demons members Dylan Ryan (drums) and Chris Schreck (synth bass), along with Susan Chalmers playing the bulk of Aleks' melodies, freeing Aleks to move about on stage and expedite new material. The all new never-before-heard songs sound like Aleks and the Drummer but are prone to be more concise yet more layered, perhaps more accessible while maintaining their individuality. ALEKS EVA and her talented band bring forth catchy music that does not adhere to past formulas or play it safe with current trends but is likely to inspire music that is to come. See them first at the Empty Bottle FREE Monday show on Labor Day 9/6 with Charlie Deets (featuring Deric Criss "the" Drummer!! ) and photo.sans.nom Songs will be posted day of show.


California Wives @ Schubas 9/3

The new ep from California Wives, Affair, is a perfect end of summer ep filled with create new wave pop. It hard to image that this band just formed back in 2009 and is already releasing their second ep. Affair is much more polished than the band's debut ep, No. 8. The ep was recorded at Gravity Studio where the first ep was self-recorded. Yet, there is also a clear maturing as a band that is taking place.

The band flirts with dance pop, and that could not be clearing than in their hit single "Twenty Three" which appears in a new version on Affair. The band celebrates the release of their new ep on Sept 3rd at Schubas with Panda Riot and Color Radio. The show starts at 10pm and tickets are only $5.


Magical, Beautiful on Giant System TV

The latest performance on Giant System comes from Magical, Beautiful.


Qwel & Maker

One of my favorite hip hop groups of the last ten years go by the name of Glue. The group was Adeem. from New Hampshire on the rhymes, djdq on the turntables from Cincinnati, and the beats of a producer from Aurora named Maker. Glue is not dead, but each member is currently pursuing other projects. Maker has gone on to make a couple of solo album now he is back with a local emcee named Qwel. On September 14th the duo will drop their 3rd full-length album titled Owl (Galapagos4). “The Owl watches and grows wiser,” explains Maker. “As we became more aware of our environment, we gained new perspectives. This album is our way of reconnecting with everything that surrounds us.”

This is Qwel & Maker's finest and most mature release to date, and it feels like it is still only just the beginning. The duo will be performing on Sept. 10th at Reggies w/ Typical Cats, Meaty Ogre, Maxilla Blue.