The Opus The Save me Gallery

The Opus has released a free digital ep that features six very different remixes of their track "Save Me". The ep features remixes from Radius, Crushcon7, and The Opus among others. My favorite remix is the Void Pedal with its dense beats and orchestral overtones. The Opus has been prolific in 2010 releasing two eps and two full-length albums in addition to several remixes.

<a href="">THE SAVE ME GALLERY by the OPUS</a>


Hey Champ & Gemini Club

There is nothing like dueling remixes. Hey Champ has just released a remix of Gemini Club's track "Ghost" (mp3), and Gemini Club has released a remix of Hey Champ's "Cold Dust Girl" (mp3). Of course they are both dance floor ready and filled with great beats.

Gemini Club will be a part of the SticoftheWeek Launch Party on October 23rd at Beauty Bar along with California Wives and Pretty Good Dance Moves.


Upright Ape

Upright Ape is the pen name and stage name of a local musician and writer that just released what is essentially his life's work. The Blue Collar Diaries are five concept albums and autobiographical Novella. The albums are essentially a musical diary of a man living with both bipolar and schizoaffective disorder. The recordings are fascinating, beautiful and always humble. What is even more thrilling about this project is that Upright Ape is giving away all of the proceeds of this project. You can read more about the project over at his website.


Video: Icy Demons "Who There / Spywatchers"

Middle Mind Project have released a video for the Icy Demons track "Who There / Spywatchers".


Big Colour's Centuries of Summers

Big Colour are back with a new digital ep that can be downloaded for free through their bandcamp page. This is the band's second ep this year. The ep is called Centuries of Summers and features six new track including the "Red Silk Bow" from the the above video.