Company of Thieves Around The Block VII

Company of Thieves have posted a video documenting their first trip to London.

The band’s next Chicago show will be on August 8th as part of Lollapalooza.


So I Ate Myself, Bite by Bite

Ryan Graveface is several things, the owner of the great local label Graveface Records, a member of Black Moth Super Rainbow, and a solo artist known as Dreamend. As Dreamend he will be releasing a new album called So I Ate Myself, Bite by Bite this August. Just as with most Graveface releases the packaging for this album will be rather artistic. The LP version of this album will be presented like a phenakistoscope, a classic Victorian animation machine.


Daryl Cura

Early we talked about Sean Hernandez and his current contribution to Chicago House, but Daryl Cura and his label Eargasmic Recordings is really at the center of it all right now. He has release work with Hernandez, but clearly has a strong sense and passion for house. His most recent release was a collaboration between himself and The Sun God (aka Jamal Moss) called The 3rd Wave. The above video is for the track “Waiting Room” from that album.


How This Ends

In one word I would have to say haunting, but the twelve solo album from Chris Connelly, How This Ends, is really much more. Spanning more than 50 minutes, but containing only two tracks this album is epic and apocalyptic. It's an album that contains no songs by design, but instead is home to a long poem that is repeated, spoken and sung, by a number of contributors. The poem is dark and speaks of death, genocide, homicide all planned and unplanned.

Musically the album is filled with sounds, noises, and even brief moments of beauty. It spans the sonic range from subduded electronics to free jazz horns to manic industrial noise to gracefull piano, and is always changing. To help with all of this Chris enlisted the like of Izi Coonagh (Sugar Bullet), Tania Bowers (Via Tania), James Marlon Magas (Magas, Lake of Dracula), Gordon Sharp (Cindytalk), Zak Boerger (These Wonderful Evils), Bill Rieflin (R.E.M., Ministry, Swans), Brent Gutzeit (TV Pow), Sanford Parker (Minsk, The High Confessions), and David Levine (Mucca Pazza).

Connelly has this to say about his new album, "I wanted to compose without any regard to the song-form." The result of that goal is a piece of music like no other, and one that has to be heard to be understood.

How This Ends will be released by Lens Records on July 13th.



Chicago born, but currently Brooklyn living, Bill Brenmar has been ripping it up lately. He is the drummer for These Are Powers, but is making a name for himself with his remixes. In the last few months he has received a ton of attention for his mixes of song by Blondes, Aaliyah, and Yeasayer. Brenmar has also composed several original tracks, and we can only hope for debut ep or album in the near future.