Light Pollution on LaundroMatinee

This week Light Pollution appeared on My Old Kentucy Blog’s live music site LaundroMantinee. You can download the mp3’s from the session here.

Light Pollution performs at Schubas on August 25th with Casiokids.


Angel Eyes

It wasn’t that long ago that I had someone say to me that metal was dead in Chicago. I tend to believe that there are no dead genres in Chicago, but just people looking in the wrong or not looking closely enough. The latest album from Angel Eyes, Midwestern, is powerful in both sound and message. This album is a guttural call-to-arms in a declining economy with a Midwestern perspective. It’s album that can strike a chord with many Chicagoan with an emphasis on struggle, and way it often feels endless.

Sonically, the album is just as heavy as its message. This is a hardcore album, but Angel Eyes mixes is subtle cinematic and atmospheric elements. This blend keeps that listener guessing and engaged with the band continue to blow the audience away.

Angel Eyes will be performing at Quenchers on August 21st with Czar.


Secret Colours @ Beat Kitchen

In anticipation of their album release show on Saturday, Aug. 14th, Secret Colours have released a beautiful cover of The Beatles “Tomorrow Never Knows”. The bands much anticipated self-titled debut can be streamed at their bandcamp site.

Secret Colours will perform at Beat Kitchen on August 14th with Panda Riot and Geronimo.


Old Punch Card

Thrill Jockey announced today that the new album from Sam Prekop (The Sea and Cake), Old Punch Card. The album will be released on September 7th, and it is Sam’s first solo record in five years. The album is inspired by early electronic music and avant-garde composition and is comprised entirely of modular synthesizers. There is only one instance of guitar and no vocals or beats.

Sam will be touring with Broken Social Scene this fall and will be playing at The Riviera on October 2nd.


Chew Heart

I’ve spent the weekend digesting the debut album, Messy Snarls, from Laura Granlund and Curt Swank (aka Chew Heart). The duo has been performing together for the last six years, and finally entered the studio, with the talented Brian Zieske (Gallery of Carpet), to capture some of that live energy. Messy Snarls finds the duo wearing their influences on their sleeves and pouring everything out through their instruments. The album was recorded live and you can tell in the sound, but I feel that adds to the nostalgic feel of the album.

What sets Chew Heart apart is that they do give a subtle nod to their love of ‘60’s pop, but they don’t drown in it like many bands today. In fact I would say they are more influenced by ‘90’s indie rock than anything else. In fact, I would say this band is a combination of Saturday Looks Good to Me and Frente. There is a raw edge, but sweet innocence that ultimately prevails.

Chew Heart celebrates the release of Messy Snarls on Sept. 12th at The Whistler, but you can purchase it from their etsy page for just $5.