Invictus Picks -- Streight Angular -- Everyone is Syncopated


You know those songs that get stuck in your head just for the sake of catchiness? If you've heard Streight Angular's "HOTTIES" or "Are You Ever Satisfied?", you know what I mean. That's what this band does, they also know how to get a crowd going with their high-energy, crazy live shows. I single-handedly witnessed these guys turn every bro at Landsdowne Pub that was there to see Minus the Bear into a jumping up and down fool waving thier arms and singing along with Al and the rest of the Streight Angular crew.


"Everyone is Syncopated" is their latest track. Its lyrics are gloomy, "Children are evaporating/Industry is culminating" but the song is catchy, is that possible? Yes, they did it again, you might find yourself singing "Oh Oh Oh Oh," despite the tune being about all that is wrong with the world. Their next show is Thursday the 3rd at Great Scott. 


Streight Angular - Everyone is Syncopated (Single)

-- Danielle Freudenthal


Deli NYC Issue #25 is out! Lia Ices on the cover!

Here at The Deli we take winter seriously. Our frostiest cover ever graces our 25th NYC issue (check it out in pdf version here), which was coincidentally delivered yesterday throughout a frosty Big Apple, covered in snow. Psych Folk songstress Lia Ices - who is celebrating her CD release party at Joe's Pub on February 1st - and the gorgeous foggy picture shot by Kate Edwards add two extra wintry elements to the package. In this issue you will also find features about NYC Indie Labels, Delicate Steve, Appmoattox, and - of course - a slew of Q&As and reviews. Enjoy!


Aloud homecoming show with Oranjuly, This Blue Heaven and One Happy Island – Saturday, January 29, 2011 – Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA


Aloud bring their Exile tour around for a home-town show Saturday at the Lizard Lounge in Cambridge. This Blue Heaven, Oranjuly, and One Happy Island, for whom the show is also a CD Release Party, are slated to open. After a grueling US tour, filled with ups and downs and sprained ankles, the Aloud gang are looking forward to rocking the home-town crowd before hitting the road again for parts unknown. The Lizard Lounge show is their only Boston-area gig scheduled for the coming months so catch them while you can.

If you happen to be hitting the road, check out Aloud on tour:

Sat, 02/19/11 The M Room Philadelphia, PA

Tue, 02/22/11 Double Door Chicago, IL

Wed, 02/23/11 Off Broadway St. Louis, MO

Thu, 02/24/11 Lindberg’s Springfield, MO

Fri, 02/25/11 Coffee House Hays, KS

Sat, 02/26/11 Lion’s Lair Denver, CO

Mon, 02/28/11 Bar Deluxe Salt Lake City, UT

Tues, 03/08/11 San Diego State University San Diego

-George Dow


Invictus Picks -- Left Hand Does -- Guitar


The first time I saw Left Hand Does perform was in a living room in Allston. I was just getting into Jean Sullivan's bass lines for "Spendle" when the cops came. Legend has it the officer was tapping his foot and said "Good stuff," before shutting it down. Such is life when you do it DIY. Since then I've seen LHD play dozens of times and I'll be the first to admit they are one of my favorite Boston bands. Not just because frontman Luke Sullivan and I share the same tastes for early 80's rock bands like The Cars and Golden Earring (which samples of "Cut" are on this track) and not only because this band is so easy going they will hop on a last minute slot to save my ass when a band has to cancel or at least suggest another awesome band, for instance, Streight Angular. But because they write great songs!

left hand does

So, here is a track off the Lusica EP called "Guitar". This song caught my attention at yet another DIY show in Allston. The lyrics "I want you so bad, feels good to say that" resonated with me. Ever been lovesick? Ever just wanted to tell the object of your affection, straight up that theyre torturing you because all you want to do is "touch their face" and "thread their hand"? Well here's the song with more lines like "I secretly want you to worship me, so secretly" Sigh. Been there, but such is life.

Guitar - Left Hand Does by Desert Race Boston

-- Danielle Freudenthal



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