The Deli Sunday Residency -- Daniel Harris, Creek River String Band, Dogs on Television @ Precinct 1/16


The Sundays at Precinct Deli Residency continues on the 16th with three stellar bands!

Daniel Harris -- members of The Doctors Fox -- 9pm

a la Sufjan Stevens meets Nirvana unplugged meets Daniel Lanois

Creek River String Band -- 10pm

"High-energy bluegrass, Tex-Mex, country blues, folk, Celtic, rags, Old Time, and more, including some acoustic versions of more modern stuff (e.g, Paul Simon’s “You Can Call Me Al,” which always gets ‘em dancing). We also do a good number of originals. Think Session Americana without the table...basically the same instrumentation and vibe" -- Stroker

Dogs on Television -- 11pm

"Dogs on Television is headed for the bright lights. It's a machine that runs on rock n' roll. It's a barbaric yawp that dives into your ear, tickles your brain, stirs your heart, and hits your spine like a lightning bolt. Based in the Boston area, DoTV is committed to bringing an explosive energy to the stage and having as much fun as possible on the way. DoTV howls loud and promises a grand revolution of unbridled rock intensity!" -- from DoTV FB page

Doors at 8pm and the cover is 7 bux. 21+ Precinct has great food and beer as well.

--Meghan Chiampa



The Wild Sea – Every Tuesday in January, 7:30pm at Toad

the wild sea

Last Tuesday night marked the beginning of The Wild Sea’s month long residency at long time Cambridge institution, Toad. Ruth Peterson and Todd Russell have been performing and writing songs together since their band was called Amusia over ten years ago, and their dedication to the craft of songwriting shows. Each tune is arranged purposefully, Peterson’s lyrics are thoughtful and performances are always stellar.

Expect some covers peppered in during the two sets The Wild Sea plays during their residency at Toad this month. Last week we heard Fleetwood Mac and Led Zeppelin stripped down to the bones, along with a jazz-infused rendition of Michael Jackson’s "Billie Jean". With instrumental support from Adam Moss (fiddle), Chris Anzalone (percussion) and Sean Staples (mandolin) you never know what flavors might creep in. Rumor has it there will be more surprise guests as the month goes on, so make sure you catch The Wild Sea at least once this month, Tuesday nights at Toad in Porter Square. Supporting The Wild Sea this month at Toad: The Blue Ribbons

Facebook event here:  

Every Tuesday this month at Toad in Porter Square, 7:30-9:30, 21+, never a cover.

-Kat Burke


Five Artist Submissions Move onto Final Poll

jenny dee 

Photo by Beth Oram

If your favorite band missed our open submissions, they could have jumped onto to submit themselves. Below are the results:

1. Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents

2. Nervous

3. Brothers McCann

4. Love in Stockholm 

5. Casey Desmond

These acts will be entered in the year-end poll which should be up this week. 

-- Meghan Chiampa


Deli Emerging Artists 2010 Polls: Links to Open Submissions Results

We started publishing the results of the open submissions for our Best of NYC Emerging Artists 2010 Poll. As we received about 500 submissions we decided to organize the rating process by genre. As things are getting a little scattered around the site we though it might be useful to gather all the links to the various result blurbs in one place on top of our NYC site - here we go:


- ALT FOLK - results here
- ALT ROCK + REVIVAL ROCK - results here
- AVANT INDIE + ELECTRO ROCK - results here
- HIP HOP + OTHER DANCEY GENRES - results here
- INDIE POP + MELLOW CORE - results here
- INDIE ROCK + POST PUNK - results here
- MIXED ROOTSY GENRES - results here
- SINGER SONGWRITERS - results here
AUSTIN: Open Submissions - SonicBids
CHICAGO: Open Submissions - SonicBids
LOS ANGELES: Open Submissions - SonicBids
NASHVILLE: Open Submissions - SonicBids
NEW ENGLAND: Open Submissions - SonicBids
PHILADELPHIA: Open Submissions - SonicBids
: Coming Soon
SF BAY AREA: Open Submissions - SonicBids
WASHINGTON - BALTIMOREOpen Submissions - SonicBids

Readers' Polls are now happening, final charts should be ready towards late january - early February.

The Deli Staff



Best of New England Open Submissions: Good Kids Sprouting Horns

Good Kids Sprouting Horns from Portland, ME gained the most votes for the open submissions poll amongst New England based artists that submitted to be considered for our Best of New England Poll 2010. They will therefore access the next stage of our poll. The votes were cast by two other Deli editors, the editor of the Los Angeles Deli and the editor of the Chicago Deli out of 25 bands.

Good Kids Sprouting Horns (taken from the lyrics of an Andrew Bird song) are a dreamy, creative indie-folk band from Portland, ME. Good Kids Sprouting Horns is a little keyboard crazy (but in a good way). They've recently announced that they will be putting out a new album as soon as (hopefully) Spring. 

Here's how the rest of the bands fared in the Open Submissions voting process:

1. Good Kids Sprouting Horns -- NOMINATED FOR NEXT PHASE

2. The Wandas

3. Spirit Animal

4. The Luxury

5. Hey Mama

6. Air Traffic Controller


8. Bobb Trimble's Flying Spiders

9. Camp Island

10. This Blue Heaven


-- Meghan Chiampa