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Rose Dorn deal with their unease on charming new single, "Shaking"

"Shaking," the new track by San Fernando Valley trio Rose Dorn, fools you at first—it begins with a wispy, sticky-sweet melody that quickly descends into a slow, shambling manner. That changing mood suits the indie-pop band's downcast theme, having been inspired by the coping mechanisms people use to fend off trauma. Nevertheless, they're able to make it land with a wholesome, bright melody. Bar None Records recently signed the band, and you can see why—their keen sense of melody fits right at home with the label's past and present, from The Feelies' post-2000's jangle-pop to Happyness' winding indie-rock. 

"Shaking" is the first single off Rose Dorn's forthcoming full-length debut album, Days You Were Leaving, due out August 23. Juan Rodríguez


Listen to Good Boys' bopping new single, "Blue"

Good Boys' "Blue" sounds as wholesome as their origin story—songwriters Eric Ronick and Michael Cannova met at the Lower East Side in New York when they discovered they both had shared likeminded musical interests. The indie-pop duo both have an affinity for a beachy, classic oldies sound, something they bring back to life on their joyful new single. The piano-led track opens with their prominent dual harmonies—and keep it that way for about a minute—capturing a vintage L.A. pop groove that carries on into the very end. If there's a restorative effect to "Blue," well, that's intentional, as they wrote its infectious bopping beat with three phases in mind—focus, escape, and love. 

"Blue" is the latest reveal off Good Boys' singles collection ROYGBIV, which you can listen to now via their official soundcloud. Juan Rodríguez


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Ghost Pavilion
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The Offbeat Bar
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West Coast Weekend welcomes the summer on "Noboby Like You"

West Coast Weekend has one great thing going for them—they have a band name that virtually any 9-5er can sympathize with. Luckily, the indie-pop quartet's new single,  "Nobody Like You," also has a brisk, jubilant vibe that perfectly exemplifies their positive attitude. Everything about it pops with a radio-friendly sound—featuring energetic claps to surging horns, the band lends their slick harmonies to a track that casts a sun-dappled glow. 

"Nobody Like You" is the second single off their upcoming EP, which comes out sometime in June. Catch their debut show at The Satellite alongside Sleeplust and Molly Moore on June 10. Juan Rodríguez