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Club Oro share taut, mellow new single "Lené"

On "Lené," Club Oro's latest single, you're never entirely sure where their taut, misty bedroom pop will take you. Led by singer Cassandra Cronin's gentle lilt, the track's clipped metronomic rhythm weaves in and out like a trance. Her clever imagery is just an uncanny, following a soulful, improvised groove that reveals itself the more you engage with it: "Most of art must be explained/Most of secrets end in flames." What once was a duo between Cassandra and her sibling Connor is now a full-fledged five-piece, though even in broadening their musical palette, they remain true to their DIY sensibilities.

"Lené" is featured on Club Oro's forthcoming debut EP Where's the Hook?, due out later this fall. Juan Rodríguez


Listen to Sonic Acrylic's blazing, psychedelic new single, "Forever"

The promise of a "forever" can seem unattainable. It's a concept that alternative rock four-piece Sonic Acrylic attempts to understand on their latest single, "Forever," drawn by the connectedness that keeps us together—both in time and in energy. It may seem like a highbrow endeavor for a three-minute song, but the raw, neo-psychedelic single unravels in simpler, aurally pleasurable means. "I'll give you what you want/have more power than I planned," songwriter/producer Ben Kernion sings in his rough-hewn voice, centered around a slick torrent of guitar textures reminiscent of Sweet Oblivion-era Screaming Trees. 

"Forever" is one of the many musical detours Sonic Acrylic take on their debut album full-length album Alternates, which came out October 25 on all streaming platforms. - Juan Rodríguez


On “Bite,” Lou Roy’s delicate animosity will leave you wanting more

It isn’t too often that a young singer-songwriter from L.A. writes and creates a literary masterpiece. On “Bite,” Lou Roy passionately tells a deeply moving and emotional story through her lyrics—the newest release from her upcoming EP Your Friend, out in November. Roy’s sultry voice creates an indie jazz vocal experience that will set the tone for your night in alone. It draws influences from the musical stylings of Joni Mitchell and Fiona Apple, but Roy finds a sound that is all her own.

Passionate sentiments like ‘bite so hard’ have settled so deep in my bones that I am not sure if I can wait until November 15 for her EP to drop. Thankfully, though, she has a release show in at The Bootleg Theater on the 11th—and it is not to be missed. - Kayla Hay


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Bethlehem Steel
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Ham & Eggs

Illuminati Hotties' brash, yet sweet "ppl plzr" narrates a night gone wrong

These days, Sarah Tudzin would rather not overthink things too much. In between touring in support of her debut album, last year's Kiss Yr Frenemies, Tudzin (who fronts Illuminati Hotties) has been releasing new material as it comes to her—raw, spontaneous, and without considering the album format. One of those experiments, "I Wanna Keep Yr Dog," was a slice of cool surf-pop that could've easily stood out in a full-length album. Her latest, "ppl plzr," is brash and beautiful, a fuzz-driven scorcher where she details a messy relationship quarrel during a loveless New Year's Eve. It's sad, but also bitingly humorous, elegantly illustrating Tudzin's songwriting mastery—even if she downplays the track as a spur-of-the-moment idea. 

All proceeds from the single will be donated to The Trevor Project, an organization that provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ young folks under age 25. - Juan Rodríguez