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Two Deli Sponsoerd parties at SXSW

Hey discerning eared people,

The Deli this year will sponsor two parties during SXSW:


The Music Tech Mashup Showcase is a two day/three stages event during SXSW's transition from Interactive Week to Music Week. Featuring a ton of great bands, brands, and emerging new technologies, the Mashup party celebrates the opportunities presented through the convergence of these industries.  Hosted by Shinobi Ninja and Coast to Coast Models & Events and presented by GreenShoeLace, HunnyPot, The Deli Mag and Planet Ill, this showcase will assemble the movers and shakers of these converging fields.

Artist shortlist: Shinobi Ninja, Vaxhaul Broadcast, McAlister Drive, Bamboo Shoots.




The Deli Magazine NY and CitizenMusic have teamed up to bring some of the best Alt Rock bands from New York to Austin for South By Southwest 2010! "NYC in ATX" will take place on Thursday, March 18, at Hyde Park Bar and Grill (South Location).

Music will begin prompty at 6pm!

Here's the kick-ass line up! 6.00: Blackbells
6:50: New Madrid
7:40: The Shake
8:30: Deadbeat Darling
9.20: Black Taxi

And, to make it rock even harder, it's FREE and ALL AGES. So, if you're heading down to SXSW or if you're already in Austin, come experience some of the greatest rock n roll, and best french fries [so we've been told] New York City has to offer!





LA natives Juliette Commagere and The Bird and the Bee double-head El Rey

Opening up a sold-out performance for The Bird and The Bee at the El Rey theater last Friday night, Juliette Commagere, the former vocalist of Hello Stranger now dropping her first solo album “Queens Die Proudly,” found herself straddling a piano stool in a coquettish red satin dress –her high cheek bones only exceeded by her higher melodies. Finding quite the balance between her lyrical laments and the sprightly brattle of percussionist Joachim Cooder, her tone somehow manages to breach poignant without being utterly hopeless, a feat many indie-rockers have yet to tame.  Click here to continue.


Moonrats live in Spaceland for month of March

Wondering what to do next week when all your favorite L.A. bands pack their bags and fly the coop to Austin’s SXSW festival? Easy—Spaceland’s Monday-night residency features a palatable blend of indie grunge, experimental bubble-gum pop, and hand-clap folk. The Moonrats will play gratis in front of the sparkly curtain for the next three Mondays, joined by other L.A. notables Corridor on the 15th, He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister on the 22nd, and Pizza! and Warpaint on the 30th. So you don’t have to go through withdrawal for very long.


Rooney Set to Release "Eureka" on June 8th

Everyone's favorite pop punk quintet is poised to release it's third full length album, "Eureka" on June 8th.  Rooney has taken control with this album, completely producing it themselves.  This control has elicited their most creative and original material to date.  A band since 1999, Rooney has expertly honed their sound to a tee.  Their infectious songs would make a perfect soundtrack to summer.  Parting ways from Geffen, "Eureka" will be released on California Dreaming Records through Warner Music Group's Independent Label Group.  Mark June 8th on your calendars Ladies and Gentlemen, you won't want to miss this.   


Whirling Damsel

Ever feel that as an Angeleno you’re a part of a melancholy circus of queer characters in a reality that rivals the oddity of your own dreamscapes? Whether you do or not, Eliza Rickman is providing an eerie yet mysteriously playful sound for you sad clowns out there. With a classically storybook voice (think Tori Amos, Feist) and her toy piano, Rickman creates beautifully weird lullabies that will intrigue you. The ringmaster will be on stage at the Hotel Café with her band Friday March 19.