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One-shot pony Juliette Commagere debuts new video, sets date at El Rey

Juliette Commagere | "The Nature of Things"
Dir. by Michael Graham

With talent like singer/songwriter Juliette Commagere and filmmaker Michael Graham, who needs a second take? This video, shot in one take with only one camera and--we're not kidding--one candle for lighting simply puts the DIY-ness into an otherwise insanely expensive medium. Commagere gracefully brings down the house (and the ambience) March 5th at the El Rey, sharing the bill with Deli favorites The Bird and the Bee.


Music-doc Map The Music set to debut

After the death of her father, filmmaker, Second City alumna and self-proclaimed "crazy person"  Samantha Hale filmed Map The Music, a road trip documentary explaining the power music has over people. Through interviews with legions of devoted live music fans and the artists who inspire them, she tries to uncover the mystery behind the music while struggling with her loss. Artists include Imogen Heap, Kate Havnevik, Zoe Keating, Rachael Yamagata, Cary Brothers, Charlotte Martin and Jim Bianco, featuring unreleased live performances and behind-the-scenes footage with some of the most unique musicians in independent music. Check back into the official site for release dates and local screenings.


Win 2 tickets to Infected Mushroom's Palladium set

Psychtrance electronic duo Infected Mushroom are playing a milestone set in Tel Aviv this Thursday. Special guest Matisyahu is scheduled to appear at the event, which will be webcast here at 2:30 Pacific time on Thursday, but if you can't make it, then put yourself in the running for two free tickets to their Palladium set on February 20. Tweet us why you think the rain sucks and the tickets are yours.


Crash Kings open for Jet, proving the six-string null

Crash Kings | "Evolution of Guitar Rock"

Let's put this lightly: Jet made a huge mistake. Clav-rock trio Crash Kings may lack the overall arena gusto and six-string mayhem associated with revival rock acts, but that doesn't mean they don't belong in the upper echelon of groups who can destroy a room. Their blues-fueled and power pop rock blew us away a few months ago, and if their tale has continued, Crash Kings have likely gotten louder, tighter and stronger. This will either make Jet make a run for their money or simply turn this tour into a competition in which group will leave the biggest and loudest impression. Our bet is on, well, ...yeah. Click here for tour dates.


L.A. Record wants your Valentine's Day original song

L.A. Record had such a great turnout for their holiday mixtape last December that they're asking locals to submit an original song once more for their Valentine's Mixtape. Whether it's sweet, sad, depressing and/or in the styles of polka, hip-hop or nu-wave Hawaiian instrumental, L.A. Record wants to hear it and will keep all submissions into consideration for the running. The deadline is February 11 (that's three days from now!) so e-mail fortherecord@larecord.com with your tune. Good luck!