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Future Sons & Daughters
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<p>Singer/songwriter AM isn't a stranger to having left his musical mark right under your nose; his last LP <em>Troubled Times</em> had every track licensed to all sorts of projects on television and film, an impressive feat not done since Moby's mega-hit <em>Play</em>. With that kind of cred, AM has already proven a strong viability with most any audience, but without the necessary weight that comes in being a well-recognized mainstay. That's about to change with his latest LP <em>Future Sons &amp; Daughters</em>, a fully developed snapshot of AM in the context of, not just the single, but the lost art of the album. Produced by Charles Newman (The Magnetic Fields), this lush and multi-faceted pop work is a testament to AM's love of retro radio, analog warmth and laser-precise melodies. Nods range from '60s Detroit to '70s Philly, but intends to be current with a modern palette in production.&nbsp; Highlight track &quot;Fortunate Family Tree&quot;&nbsp;revives roots melody awash with steady organs, loose snares and hallucinatingly wavey lead guitar lines, all signs that this is a worthy trip to a past sound, sans the cringing generally associated in homage attempts. This is pop music for the refined ear, or, rather, the ear that remembers what pop music was really always supposed to be. -Hugo Gomez</p>

David Lynch takes psych-folker Ariana Delawari under his wings

Hollywood-via-Afghanistan-based psych artist Ariana Delawari just recently went under the guidance and helm of her biggest fan: director David Lynch. Connected by their mutual love of meditation and storytelling, Delawari had no reservations working on her LP Lion of Panjshir with the notorious filmmaker. Preview the album on video as Lynch guides you through the tracklisting in his signature crooked fashion. A coinciding interview with Delawari is a must-see for those wondering how this peculiar pairing came to be.


Come rain or shine, FMLY RIDE will be rolling Saturday night

The folks at FMLY have insured that their biking/skating/boarding PBR-fueled rock show at Venice Skatepark will go on this Saturday, come rain or shine. Preview the bill on the links ahead: Funderstorm, Professor Calculus, Foot Village, Heroes + Heroines, Meho Plaza, White Fang and Rob Walmart. And, yes, there will be free beer. RSVP if you will at the FMLY Facebook page.


Michel Gondry directs Mia Doi Todd's latest video for "Open Your Heart"

Mia Doi Todd | "Open Your Heart"
Dir. by Michel Gondry

Filmmaker Michel Gondry teamed up with LA songstress Mia Doi Todd and Riverside Community College's marching band to create this surreal Technicolor dream in support of Todd's latest single "Open Your Heart." According to EW.com, Gondry and Todd met at a party, and the chemistry was just right to bring his surreal vision to life. Tres Skittles-esque.

Mia Doi Todd plays the next two Tuesdays at Spaceland.


Fol Chen announce tour w/ Liars, debut new video

Fol Chen | "The Longer U Wait"
Dir. by Chris Wilcha

Synth-pop rockers Fol Chen announce tour with Liars, with a stop at the El Rey on April 10. Download their covers of Pink Floyd's "In The Flesh" and Prince's "The Beautiful Ones" to break the waiting anxiety.