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Best of LA #22: The Gaslamp Killer!


If you're reading this, it goes without saying that you possess phenomenal taste in all things aural.  With that being said, anyone with good taste is bound to enjoy the musical stylings of The Gaslamp Killer.  It's hard to dismiss music that is influenced by everything from jazz and electronica to world music.  The Gaslamp Killer is touring currently, seducing the Australian masses and converting everyone within earshot to fans. 


Vroom! Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at Echoplex 3 nights!

Grab your leather jackets and Harleys, a motorcycle gang is taking over the Echoplex this Thursday, Friday and Sunday! OK, this isn't some Hells Angels at Altamont scenario. It's actually a sold-out three-night stand by bluesy rock icons Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, hot off the release of their haunting new album, "Beat the Devil's Tattoo" (Vagrant/Abstract Dragon). Expect some mesmerizing, hair-raising licks from Robert Levon Been and band mate Peter Hayes, as well as some powerful percussion from fresh drummer Leah Shapiro.

- Melissa Bobbitt


Parlez Vous? The French Semester plays Spaceland on March 12


The French Semester is scheduled to woo the crowd at Spaceland this Friday, March 12. This folky five-piece rock band has been a mainstay of the L.A. indie scene for the past couple years. Reverb-heavy guitar and vocals ranging from haunting to pleasantly harmonious are accompanied by trotting drum lines, which lend a transient quality to their sound. An organ provides a little body for the lo-fi recordings, bolstering the dancing melodies.

-Bryce Pinkos


Beyond the Cerebral: Nosaj Thing, Jogger and Daedelus Live at Le Poisson Rouge in NYC

Ever worked out almost to the point of exhaustion and experienced runner’s high? Been in the presence of someone you could’ve swore was your soul mate? Lay within the gentle glow and breeze of a perfect, 75-degree day? Or baked in an 180-degree sauna for 20 minutes? Then you probably already know the feeling: “I have left this world and am floating amidst the clouds, sun, and trees.”
With one swift wave of his hand on Feb. 20 at NYC’s sexiest, swankiest spot Le Poisson Rouge, L.A. breakthrough beatmaker Nosaj Thing shot out electrical shock waves of meditative nirvana. Buddhists say all our suffering is caused by desire. If so, Nosaj’s set was the antigravity vacuum where desire dissipates into oodles of undulating, blissful indifference. What helped was wordlessness, an absence of reason and the cerebral. As technologically advanced as Jason Chung’s music is, his zeroes and ones are purely emotive, free-flowing and visceral.


Best of LA #24 Lemon Sun to play The Echo April 29th

Lemon Sun plays pure, unadulturated rock and roll.  With a voice that evokes Against Me's Tom Gabel, Rob Kolar's vocals are both masculine and lilting.  It's clear upon the first listen of any of their songs that this band loves to play together.  Songs such as "Same Old Ground" and "Touch the Lightning" are sure to convert anyone to an instant fan.