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Pop-folkists Homesick Elephant play free set TONIGHT at Hyperion Tavern

Homesick Elephant | "Hold Me Close"

One of The Deli LA's favorite folk outfits Homesick Elephant are playing a free set tonight (Thursday) at Hyperion Tavern. Their live sets are so damn fun and cute that we just want to pinch their figurative cheek, so check out the melodic-laden duo when they hit the stage at 9. Did we mention it's free?


Live: Meiko unplugged at Hotel Cafe

Sara Tan

The last thing you'd expect from a big-eyed, porcelain-faced indie-pop princess would be a curse word or a dirty joke, let alone a song about going deep (emotionally, that is) or being the "other" woman—but it was obvious from the get-go that Meiko felt right at home. Maybe that's the reason why fans flooded the Hotel Cafe Tuesday night for her impromptu set filled with her melancholy tunes about love, heartbreak, and frustrations, complete with personal anecdotes about breaking her nose and wanting to murder Santa (kidding, of course). Meiko, fresh from her tour with Jewel, stood solo sans her band for a charming acoustic performance of old and new songs including “Reasons to Love You” and her own seductive Christmas carol “Maybe Next Year (X-mas Song).” It was a warm homecoming for the once-upon-a-time Hotel Cafe waitress whose deeply rich, yet sweet sounding voice continues to reel us in. -Sara Tan


Nosaj Thing and Fair Enough video show collab this Sunday at Downtown Independent

If Nosaj Thing's sound chemistry weren't hypnotic enough to your liking, then check out his video show collaboration with Fair Enough in a multimedia orgy this Sunday at Downtown Independent.  Details and additions on the bill below:


New To Us: Ambient artists theendisthebeginning show promise, have grounds to prove in live set

There's a lot to say about ambient rock outfit theendisthebeginning: They're large.  Aside from being a 6-piece outfit, their music is all about soaring vocals and big prog-rock landscapes to the likes of As Tall As Lions and Circa Survive.  Tracks from their debut LP master machine [sic] offer layers upon layers of well produced space sonics and tight performances, making their first impression a truly memorable one. But it is in the live avenue where we'll see how far theendisthebeginning can take their tracks. We'll be keeping tabs with them.


Local natives Local Natives host holiday bonanza at Echo Saturday night

*Date Corrected* Just when you thought we couldn't possibly shove enough Christmas joy down your throat, think again. The good people at L.A. Record host local natives Local Natives for a night of music, holiday gift giving and general all-ages awesomeness at The Echo on Tuesday, December 22.  Bring non-perishable cans of food for charity and Local Natives will give you a Christmas present (present TBD).  Advanced tickets are $5, at-door for $10.  Fans would probably like to know that the group are touring Europe until March just after this set, so this'll be your last chance to see them until they come back all Europe'd out.