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Julian Casablancas loves L.A. (He loves it!)

Frontman of The Strokes and Silver Lake resident newbie Julian Casablancas wrapped up his four-show residency at the Downtown Palace Theater Friday night with a musical and visual spectacle that could rival Disneyland’s electrical light parade.

For loyal Strokes fans, Casablancas’ solo project Phrazes for the Young has been a long time coming—the garage rock revivalists haven’t put a record out since 2006, which slipped off the charts much quicker than their previous album Room on Fire in 2003, let alone their debut record. Long story short, Strokes followers are stoked that he’s back, as they should be.

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One Word: Versant

This is one of the most exciting projects we've ever heard of. Ex-Shiny Toy Guns' Carah Faye is involved with a new band: Versant. The demos that we've heard ("Push Away" and "Out of Touch") are really well-written. Listen to the demos HERE and mark your calendars on February 17, 2010. That is when the self-titled album will come out. - Nicholas Palumbo


Beardo releases single + tours

Beardo has had one busy year. He released an album independently and toured with the likes of Schwayze, Snoop Dogg and Slightly Stoopid on two national tours.

"Snort Ur Drugz" is an M.I.A.-inspired single not featured on the released album. It's just as catchy as "Paper Planes" but a lot more comedic. It is definitely worth a listen.

In support for the single, he is joining Mickey Avalon for a tour of the Southeast.

You can grab the song HERE and impress your friends with new music.

- Nicholas Palumbo


Want to see Happy Hollows live?

For those that may have missed The Drums, Happy Hollows, Random Patterns and Evan Way at Spaceland early this week (11/16), we have a surprise for you...

Happy Hollows will be doing two FREE shows at Spaceland with big names and bigger surprises!

Monday, November 23 - Happy Hollows, Dios, Real Estate and One Trick Pony
Monday, November 30 - Happy Hollows, The Pity Party, Twilight Sleep and Traps ps.

Be there!

- Nicholas Palumbo