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03.13: Mild Minds releases melancholic debut album "MOOD"

Maybe, given the recent goings on in the world, you've had a rough go of it, and just need some time to disassociate. If you need to freshen up your Music To Zone Out To playlist, give Mild Minds' MOOD a try. Run by Benjamin David, Mild Minds has the trip hop sounds to which fans of Caribou and Four Tet will find themselves dancing. MOOD, Mild Minds' debut album, has tracks such as "Movements" and "Walls" which layer catchy drum grooves and soft pulsing synths over droning bass. The effect will keep you moving to the beat as you remove yourself from whatever stressful medical, financial, or mental situation threatening you at the moment. MOOD drops on March 13th; take a look at the music video for "Walls" below. - Will Sisskind


Carrousel releases modern day lo-fi video for "A Solitary Soul"

CARROUSEL -- the duo of Joel and Sharon Piedt -- have released a music video for their new single "A Solitary Soul", off their new EP I Wasn't Well. The song brings the psych rock energy of the Piedts, but the video shows real creativity within limits, as the duo used iPhones alone to shoot the footage. In this day and age, to use just a phone to shoot a film might seem lo-fi. But the other production values the Piedts focused on took their video to another level. Their spacesuit costumes and locations -- some of which were used to film the Tatooine scenes for Star Wars -- create a sense of depth and atmosphere on top of that which the music already provides. Take a look at the video for yourself below, and go find I Wasn't Well on CARROUSEL's Bandcamp. - Will Sisskind



03.04: Moses Sumney plays final show of Bootleg Theater residency

Moses Sumney has become bigger than ever in the past several months, and with his new double album græ on the horizon, more fans are flocking to his style of R&B mixing with folk and soul. On March 4th, Sumney will play a free all-ages show at the Bootleg Theater, the final one of his residency at the venue which began back in February. He'll play songs from græ, many of which deal with the concepts of color and space as spectra and liminal entities. As fans enter the theater to the show, they'll hear music from græ playing around them in immersive 3D audio to create atmosphere, as well as stir up conversation and build community. Because it's free, attendance to the show is not guaranteed, so fans should head to the Bootleg Theater early to see Sumney perform. Take a listen to "Virile" from græ below. - Will Sisskind


The Millennial Club drops new single just in time for love's favorite holiday

In a society filled with dead-end online dating apps, the crafty art of being ghosted, and empty, unfulfilling relationships, it is easy to see why most people hate Valentine's Day. Fortunately, no matter what your relationship status, music can be an unmatched outlet to feeling apart of something when you are at your lowest. This Valentine's Day, indie-pop group The Millennial Club released their newest single, "Feel The Same". The group’s soft, groovy instrumentals create an enchanting and dreamy atmosphere that will have you drifting off into a euphoric state. Vocalist Andres Owens’ soft, emotionally driven lyrics tell a modern love story about constantly wondering if the one you like feels the same. It's a question for the ages and undoubtedly a place we all have been in. Listen to "Feel The Same" below. - Kayla Hay


John War releases forward-thinking single "Corn Syrup" from debut LP

John War is putting out his debut album Fantasy soon, and they've released the single "Corn Syrup" as a preview of what's to come. "Corn Syrup" sounds the way War envisions indie rock evolving in the 2020s: Rich with sound both analog and synthesized; at once lo-fi and with high production values. The futuristic sound of "Corn Syrup" matches the lyrical content, which comes chock full of references to the apocalypse, dishonest culture, and the present and oncoming dystopia. "Corn Syrup" and its lyric video are out now; the rest of Fantasy will come soon, so stay tuned. Listen to "Corn Syrup" below. - Will Sisskind