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The Lemons "Gummy Worm"

The Lemons have released the first single, "Gummy Worm", from their forthcoming album WLMN. The album, which is due out the Spring via We Are Busy Bodies, will be their first since since 2019's At Home.

WLMN is a fictional radio station that only broadcasts song by The Lemons. "Gummy Worm" is accompanied by the Jordan Speer's directed video below.


Coma Girls deliver emotional versatility in new single "Wedding Roses"

Los Angeles’ Coma Girls hit the spot with their latest breezy-melancholic single, “Wedding Roses,” all it takes is a single listen to find out. The track strolls to reverb-soaked electric guitar chords that weave and surround, creating an atmosphere deliciously smooth. The drums, steady and relaxed, sit beneath the vocals that reflect on love with a sense of urgency and acceptance that keeps the track emotionally versatile. While the music video flirts with the mischievous in its aesthetic, there is comfort in the unknown and the daring; explore the duality of “Wedding Roses” by streaming the track below (and enjoy the syrupy guitar solo too). - René Cobar


Rat Tally "Shrug"

Rat Tally (aka Addy Harris) has signed with the Richmond, VA label 6131 Records, and has released her first single with them, "Shrug".

According to Harris, "This song is about navigating romantic relationships while struggling with mental health. Sometimes we know we aren’t in the best place to start something, but it can be difficult to separate that idea from the feeling of being undeserving of love because of mental illness."


Astrachan "Ladakh"

Ben Astrachan of the duo Berta Bigtoe has released the first single, "Ladakh", from his forthcoming self-titled solo debut album. This jis oyful Indie Folk music that was crafted by Astrachan while studying secular nomadic music in the ancient city of Leh.

The single is accompanied by the Austin Koenigstein directed video below.


Midnight Sister get to "Painting the Roses"

That sketchy looking dude on the corner asking if you like Hunky Dory era Bowie or Black Box Recorder or St Etienne is most likely selling bootlegs of the new CD by Midnight Sister that just came out this Friday and he’s got his target marketing game on point. Too bad tho’ he didn’t get the memo about the whole streaming thing, but it works out nicely for you cuz you just saved a few bones and can listen to Painting the Roses (Jagjaguwar) through various types of devices at your convenience.

And get this Midnight Sister isn’t even British. Instead they’re Angelinos but it makes sense when you find out that the duo of Juliana Giraffe and Ari Balouzian are, respectively, a music video/short film director and a film scorer in their other lives. So all those finely honed and orchestrated arrangements and glam antics and dark disco dramatics arise organically from their residing in the Town of Tinsel.

Plus their film backgrounds pay off when it comes to making music videos natch as dispayed in the trippy videos on display here. (Jason Lee)