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Burr Oak @ Schubas (7/23)

Burr Oak is the solo Dream Pop project of Savanna Dickhut of Elk Walking. Over the past year she has released two demos and plans to released her first two singles this summer.

You can help Burr Oak celebrate the release of her first single “Southside” on July 23rd at Scubas with Hanna Ashbrook, Sick Day, and Caroline Campbell.


Kwaku drops truth bombs in new single "Ties"

Kwaku’s devilish flow kills pretenders with high precision in his new single “Ties.” The Boston-based rapper is ruthless in his calling out of opportunists and lukewarm supporters, blasting them to smithereens with street probity and a booming low end. Kwaku rides the beat with style, not needing speed to break necks and blow minds, his words penetrate his targets like flaming daggers. “Ties” is the second single released by the hip-hop artist in two months, showing his intent to stay busy through the summer and get some truths out in the process. Kwaku recently showcased his style at O’Brien’s Pub and now looks poised to excite with new material at his next gig. Check out “Ties” for your daily dose of reality. - Rene Cobar


tobi lou "Waterboy"

tobi lou has dropped visuals for his latest single “Waterboy”. lou has become known for blending his fantastic sense of humor with serious beats and a flow all his own.

The video is visually stunning and features an array of easter eggs as Lou drops names like they are water.

This is single is just the first track lou has planned for this summer and follows the special Mother's Day single “Like My Mom” from last month.


Singer/songwriter Sabine Holler spills her heart out in "Mother of Transition"

Sabine Holler isn’t afraid to speak from her heart in her EP Mother of Transition: songs like “Everything I Want To Be” spill confessions to the tune of gorgeous guitar arpeggios and string-instrument embellishments. Holler can switch her vocal approach with ease from tender in “Filtered My Voice” to fierce in “Hanged Woman,” the last song boasting a killer drum beat. The artist seems entirely at ease in her indie-pop tunes, displaying the confidence of leading women of the genre such as Lorde and St. Vincent. “First Memory” is the singer/songwriter’s raging battle from the record, augmented with distortion, and streaming below, for your enjoyment. - Rene Cobar


The Limbos "Freshly Squeezed Radio"

Have you ever imagined what it would have sounded like if the ghost of Ian Curtis had been tapped to front Squirrel Nut Zipper instead of who ever it is that fronts Squirrel Nut Zippers? If you have, or even if you haven’t, you need to hear the latest EP, "Freshly Squeezed Radio”, from The Limbos.

The Limbos blend Post Punk and Swing like no other band we have heard. They are Ryan Miera (Keyboards, Guitar, Lead Vocals), Drew Current (Drums, Vocals), Chris De Salvo (Bass, Vocals), Geno Alesandrini (Trumpet, Vocals), Mathew Solomon (Trombone, vocals), Matt Riggen (Tenor Sax, Vocals), and Joe Foster (Bari Sax, Vocals).

“Fresh Squeezed Radio” is the groups third EP and follows 2018’s “Results!”.